We all need somewhere safe to store our important things like keys, money and skates. If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect wallet to keep your cards or a cool new bag for work, the range of Herschel bags and wallets available at Skatehut tick all the boxes. The collection of Herschel backpacks offers special storage sections and neat features, such as laptop sleeves and headphone ports, leaving arms free to balance should you be rollerblading or skateboarding. They also come in a range of colours, from camo and dark chambray to a pretty chai print, so you can find a Herschel backpack you love. As well as nifty bag options, we also offer a choice of Herschel wallets that are ideal for storing cards and notes – perfect for popping in the pocket of your Herschel jacket before you skate off. Take a look at the Herschel range at Skatehut to find out more about this cool brand.

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