Time to Glide: Find Your Perfect Hoverboard at SkateHut

It’s your time to get involved in the latest trends and swerve into our range of hoverboards and self-balancing scooters. Skate hoverboards have become all the rage for celebrities, with many taking to Instagram to show off their skills and the occasional fail. They’re fun for everyone as they allow you to spin 360 degrees on the spot or zoom up and down the path. Kids and adults alike can take to the streets go-kart style with our specialist range of Hoverboard go-karts. With a range of different speeds and modes with our diverse models, you can cater your board choice to your personal wants and needs with additional hoverboard seats.

You can even take your kid's hoverboard across rugged terrain with adept off-road designs. As one of the greenest legal alternative modes of transport on the market, segway Hoverboards can get you from A to B all while reducing your carbon footprint. Simply charge up with your provided hoverboard charger and go! Offering hours of fun while looking slick on the streets with our wide selection of different designs.

You can make a statement or blend in effortlessly thanks to our variety of patterns and colours. With built-in customisable LED lights, Hoverboard UK boasts safety and flair, goes from day to night with security and ease. With two wheels, two motors and a double balancing system to help keep you upright, our cheap hoverboards couldn’t be safer or easier to control, without breaking the bank! Shop a range of styles and abilities starting from under £200. Shop top brands including Zimx, Rampage, Segbo and more. Explore the full range of adult hoverboards and hoverboards for kids online today and enjoy free delivery on orders over £100. Or browse all of our electric range including electric scooters and e-bikes.

Hoverboard FAQs

  • How Much is a Hoverboard?

    Hoverboards can cost between £150 - £500+ depending on model. When looking into how much Hoverboards are, spec and branding will impact the price of the model. Hoverboards For Kids can be found for up to £150 - £300, varying in style and battery life. The primary difference between Kids Hoverboards and Hoverboards for Adults is the Maximum User Weight.

  • Are Hoverboards Legal?

    Hoverboards are legal for use on private land. New laws regarding electric transport are ever changing to match the safety needs of the public. As of the most recent update, Hoverboards are classed as personal electronic transport and as such, can only be used on private property.

    Hoverboard use on public paths is not permitted due to Electronic Transportation not being pedestrian friendly. Laws around Electrics and public footpaths are in the process of being updated but as it stands, we recommend Hoverboard and Electric Scooter use is primarily for use on private property.

  • What is a Hoverboard?

    A Hoverboard is a two-wheeled electric board that you stand on and use the leaning motion and tension of the core to move forwards and backwards. Hoverboards use self-balancing Electric Scooter technology.

    This is made up of two motorised wheels connected to a pair of articulated pads that the rider stands on, creating a functional personal transporter. Hoverboards can also refer to the OneWheel. Hoverboards are extremely popular and accessories include the HoverKart which allows you to effortlessly turn your child's Hoverboard into an Electric Go-Kart.