Zoom into Fun: Discover Our Latest Kids Electric Scooters Collection!

Shop our latest range of Kids Electric Scooters today and find lots of cool Kids Scooters for children of all ages. Investing in a Kids Scooter can teach your child great balancing skills while also making the school run a lot more fun. Get the best Scooters that are perfect for those trips to the park, the school run and hours of outdoor enjoyment.

Our Electrics collection boasts different styles and colour schemes as well as various types of Electric Scooters for Adults and kids. Shop our LED Electric range, assuring your little ones are visible to all, whatever the conditions. We also have propelled assisted Electric Scooters for those journeys with your kids that are a little bit longer. All of our Kids Electric Scooters are covered by new laws regarding e-scooters. You need to be aware of the limitations and legal restrictions before use. Read our Electric Scooter Buying Guide for more information on all Electric Scooter Legal requirements.

Ready to get zooming? We always advise that Protection is of utmost importance and we recommend that Kids Helmets and Pads are used with all of our extreme sports equipment. All of our Electric Scooters are two-wheeled and will require a full charge before first use. Use the price, age and colour filters to find the Best Kids Scooter for your child. Or browse our wide range of Adult Electric Scooters, all available here at Skatehut. Feel free to contact our friendly support team for help and advice. Get Free Delivery on all orders over £100 today.

  • Can Kids Ride Electric Scooters?

    With the boom of Electric Scooters it became inevitable that a Childrens E-Scooter were to become the next must have for Kids nationwide. Adult E-Scooter use is at an all time high with the introduction of communal use and private hire Adult Electric Scooters.

    This means Kids Electric Scooters have also become more common, but it’s important to remember where and when Kids E-Scooters should and shouldn't be used. In terms of being able to use an Electric Scooter, this will also be down to your child's skill and mobility level. You may find a slower or smaller model that’s better suited to younger users.

  • Are Kids Electric Scooters Legal?

    Kids Electric Scooters are legal for use on private land only. With the popularity of Adult E-Scooters continuing to soar, the legislation around public use of E-Scooters continues to be amended. Kids E-Scooters are perfectly legal for personal use on private property. It’s important to be aware of where you can and cannot legally use your Childrens Electric Scooter, and much like Adult E-Scooters these need to be insured.

    Unless your kids plan on pulling the old on the shoulders coat trick, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to secure a provisional or full licence to validate public use of the any Electric Scooter. Here at SkateHut we always advise that the use of Kids E-Scooters is supervised by an adult and within private property.

  • What Should I Look Out For When Buying a Childs Electric Scooter?

    When buying a Kids Electric Scooter, there are a few things that are important to look out for. One of the most important things to look out for is the maximum rider weight of the Scooter. Often, an E-Scooter listing won’t have an age recommendation set but instead a maximum user weight.

    This will be a far more helpful indicator of whether the model is the right fit for the user. Other important features of the Scooter to prioritise would also be the maximum speed and the charge time length. It’s also very important to look into your local jurisdiction on Electric Scooter use and ensure awareness of the legal restrictions regarding Kids Electric Scooters.