Blunt Evny Scooters have been leading the way in the manufacturing of high quality freestyle scooter products for quite a while. Find a wide range of killer Blunt Envy scooters and scooter parts right here at your #1 skate shop SkateHut. If you're a pro rider check our the brand new Prodigy Blunt S9 scooters, or if you prefer the classics, we have plenty of Prodigy S7s and S8s too! Blunt make innovative scooter parts including headsets, decks, wheels, handlebars and clamps. Their team have a wealth of experience in Skating, BMX and Scootering which makes them one of the best scooter brands around right now. Looking for an Envy scooter, grips, accessories and parts? Use our shop filters to help you find the items you need. Blunt Envy is one of our star brands here at SkateHut. Be sure to check our vast range of products by using the advanced filters at the side.

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