Thrasher Clothing 

Established in 1981, Thrasher are considered the Holy Bible of everything skate related. Infamous for their must read Thrasher Magazine and their renowned 'Skater of the Year' Award, Thrasher were voted for by their readers and hugely respected in the industry. The Iconic Thrasher logo is available in all variations here at SkateHut.

Dress like one of the best in the Thrasher clothing range and keep an eye out for some of their cool collaborations and unique inspirations. Shop the classic design flame Thrasher hoodies and t-shirts in black and grey. Browse football inspired jerseys, distinctive and comfy Thrasher jumpers, caps and hats, not forgetting to grab a Thrasher logo sticker or two. Get emblazoned with eye-catching Thrasher and ‘Skate and Destroy’ skateboard sticker packs to step-up your set-up.

As part of the Thrasher UK family, SkateHut stock a full collection of Thrasher clothing and accessories just for you. As one of the top sellers in the UK, find all your favourite designs and all the new picks from Thrasher themselves - All available in an array of designs and sizes. Our Thrasher t shirts and hoodies will compliment a variety of styles and personalities. Be sure to complete your looks with the Signature Thrasher Logo.

Thrasher Clothing FAQs

  • What is the Thrasher brand?

    Thrasher clothing was born out of the populatrity of their magazine publications. Thrasher Magazine was founded by Kevin Thatcher, Eric Swenson, and Fausto Vitello and is a monthly skateboarding magazine founded in 1981. It covers skateboarding news, events, interviews, and features.
  • Is Thrasher Clothing only for skateboarders?

    Thrasher Clothing is a popular skateboarding and streetwear brand that produces apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and accessories. While Thrasher Clothing is heavily associated with skateboarding, its apparel is also popular among people who are into streetwear fashion.
  • Is Thrasher Clothing ethical and sustainable?

    Thrasher Clothing has not made any public statements about their ethical or sustainable practices. However, they do have a code of conduct for their suppliers that includes guidelines on working conditions and environmental responsibility.