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Hey there, fellow cruisers! Welcome to our longboard paradise, where we offer a wicked range of high-quality longboards, trucks, wheels, and accessories for those who love to shred with style. We're not just a store, we're a lifestyle. We know that longboarding is all about freedom, adventure, and cruising the streets with the wind in your hair. That's why we only stock the best gear in town, so you can kick push your way to the top.

From classic pintails to modern drop-throughs, we've got you covered. Whether you're looking to carve up the hills or just cruise the boardwalk, we have a longboard that'll make your ride smoother than butter. Our website is super easy to use, and we offer a secure and hassle-free shopping experience. We provide lightning-fast shipping and top-notch customer service, so you can be sure that you'll get your gear in no time and have all your questions answered by our friendly team.

So, if you're ready to ride with the best, check out our awesome selection of longboard cruisers and accessories today. Trust us, you won't regret it! Let's get shreddin'!


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From Longboard cruisers to longboards dancing, we have a vast selection of styles to fit both your needs and aesthetic. Shop an array of Longboard decks and Complete Longboards here at SkateHut - whatever your purpose. With our specialist surf style skateboards to the classic Longboard cruiser designs, we’ve got just what you’re looking for to begin your longboarding journey.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap Longboard to get started or a more advanced dancing board, we’ve got everything you could need to choose your perfect set-up. For all the best brands in longboarding, SkateHut has got you covered including complete longboards from Santa Cruz, Mindless Longboards, Arbor, Landyachtz, Loaded Longboards, Z-Flex and many more! Catch the names that have been taking over Instagram from Madrid to California, and now right at home with you!

Never sacrifice style for practicality with our wide selection that covers all styles of longboarding - from drop through boards to top mounted, pintails, dancer decks for Longboards and more! Browse here and filter by brand, colour, Longboard deck length and price range. If you have any questions about what type of board to get, you can always speak to our customer service team for expert catered advice. Enjoy Free Shipping on all orders over £100 when you pick up a board with us here at SkateHut.

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Longboard FAQs

  • Are Longboards good for beginners?

    What you have to ask first is are Longboards easy to ride? Yes! If you are looking to just ride it around to get from A to B. But there are a lot of different types of Longboards out there, Longboards come in all different shapes and sizes. The most common are pintails, drop-throughs, drop-downs and dancing Longboards. Beyond this there are many other more specialised varieties, like downhill and free ride Longboards, pumping/long-distance boards, oversized Skateboards and more. These are more optimised for certain types of Longboarding.

    We recommend beginners to start with a Cruiser Skateboard. If you’re looking for a beginner Longboard Cruiser, we recommend a long, wide board and deck, this is considered a drop through. The drop through will lower your centre of gravity. The wheels should be large/soft, 60mm-80mm / 77a-83a, so they can easily roll over cracks/bumps. The trucks should be reverse kingpins, so they’ll be stable at higher speeds.

  • Is Longboarding harder than Skateboarding?

    Skateboarding and Longboarding are quite different sports, even though both are a piece of wood with wheels on. To answer this question properly you need to ask yourself what you want to do? Because you wouldn’t take a longboard to a half pipe and you wouldn’t want to bomb a hill on a Skateboard.

    But if you're a complete beginner just learning to cruise, Skateboarding is harder because it has a smaller surface area so its harder to keep your balance. Longboards have a larger surface which helps you to stay on your board at higher speeds. You’re also less likely to experience speed wobbles because of the larger wheels, wider trucks, and wider deck.

    If you want to learn tricks we would recommend that Skateboards as they are easier because they are lighter and have an upturned nose and tail. Learning how to ollie or kickflip is going to be best on a popsicle style Skateboard.

  • How much should Longboards cost?

    If you're looking to buy your first Longboard you can buy Longboards as cheap as £40 but you may regret your choice. Also, buying a Cheap Longboard might simply discourage you from Longboarding as your riding experience will not be very good. Cheaper Longboards also don't last as long as mid to high priced Longboards. A good quality Longboard usually costs around £90 to £150 for a complete. We recommend buying completes as beginners as you don't have to think about all the other parts and components. If you want to switch to other wheels or trucks or upgrade them, you can always do so. By that time, you know way more about your board and needs. 

    When it comes to your first Longboard, you won’t normally need to pay more than £200 unless you’re already interested in Longboarding and have done it for a few years and looking for a more suitable board for a specialised area.

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