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Crossnet is a creative and exhilarating game that takes outdoor joy to the next level altogether. It is a game that caters to all ages and skill levels, combining bit and bobs from volleyball and four-square to offer a game that is incredibly fun to play. Crossnet is appropriate for so many occasions, from back garden barbeques, at the beach on a lovely summer day, at your local park, or even just for kicking back in your back garden. Once you and your pals have one game of Crossnet, you all will be coming back for more, and you won’t want to stop. It is a game that is suitable for players of all ages; it’s truly a game for all of the family to enjoy. 

Not only will you be having tons of fun, but you will also be improving your hand-eye coordination, along with your agility, speed and balance. If you are an inspiring athlete, you can benefit a lot from getting your own Spikeball set, as these are the things you will need to excel in any sport you decide to play. It will also improve your stamina, as you will always be moving and reacting, so Crossnet can be a mega fun addition to your weekly cardio routine. If you have any questions, be sure to contact our friendly customer service team on either live chat or telephone and they will be more than happy to give you a walkthrough Crossnet, with tips on assembling the equipment and any tips or suggestions they may have so that you can get the most out of the game. 

Crossnet FAQs

  • Is the Crossnet set portable?

    Yes, the Crossnet set is extremely portable and can be carried around with absolute ease. With regards to the dimensions of the actual set, it measures at around 396cm x 396cm when fully assembled. This gives players enough space to play effectively without restricting their movement or feeling cramped within a tight space. It also means they have sufficient space to react sharp and really amp up their reflexes and agility. The set as a whole is 9.71kg, which means, once packed up, it can be easily carried from A to B and will not be too heavy for most adults to transport with ease. 

  • Can Crossnet be Played by Fewer than Four Players?

    Whilst Crossnet is generally played by four players split into two teams of two, it is totally OK to enjoy the game with less than four players; playing with fewer players creates a more relaxed and intimate experience allowing each person to be more involved in the action.

    With regards to the rules, it is quite simple. For example, a three-person game, just rotate the positions and modify the scoring system to accommodate the smaller team size.

  • How can I benefit from playing Crossnet with a smaller team size?

    You can find your strategy increasing immensely, as each player will have to take on more than their usual role than they would if you had a full team. This makes players more dynamic, allowing you to improve your teamwork and communication skills as you all work together to outdo your opponents. It also gives you more ‘time on the ball’, and what we mean by that is that as an individual, you will have more time actually in the game because there is only three of you (or less) on the team! This gives you the exposure you need to sharpen up your skills and improve for when you actually go for a full, no-holds-barred game. Use this as a practice run and training session for skill development.