Here at Skatehut, we’ve got all the roller derby products to get you started in this exciting sport. From bags and clothing to skates and protection, we’ll get you kitted out and ready for the track. Our roller derby starter bundles are perfect for a beginner as they include quad skates, a pad set, a helmet and a mouth guard – everything you need to get rolling. If you’d prefer to mix and match to create your own style, you can buy all your roller derby gear individually too. How about pairing your Rookie skatepack with a stylish HardnutZ helmet and Triple 8 knee pads? Showcase your personality even more by customising your skates with the wheel colour of your choice – whether you’re into bold reds and oranges, classic monochrome tones or wheels designed to look like doughnuts! Whatever roller derby gear you go for, you can roll your way to victory with Skatehut.

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