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Take your off-road experience to the next level with our premium selection of mountain bike grips designed for comfort, durability and bang on grip performance. Whether you are taking on tough dirt track trails or just taking on challenging surfaces in general, our mountain bike grips will ensure that you can take hold and maintain control. At SkateHut, you can explore a range of design and textures to choose the sort of grips that suit you. All grips have been designed for you to maintain your hold quite easily, so that you can keep pushing without worrying about the terrain you are travelling on. Our variety of grips come in a range of styles too so that you can handpick your perfect set to add to your mountain bike. Choosing your ideal mtb grips is an adventure, so enjoy the process and have a read of our FAQs below that will help you on your journey to finding them!

Mountain Bike Grips FAQs

  • Why are mountain bike grips important for riders?

    Mountain bike grips are the main point of contact between a rider and their mountain bike. Essentially, they are built with an ergonomic design, which basically means it allows riders to take hold of the grips naturally, to align with the natural shape of the hand. When you are riding, you will be taking on a load of bumps and rougher surfaces, so you will need to make sure your grips are reliable enough for you to take hold and take chargeof your experience. A quality set of grips will also reduce hand fatigue, and this is an important aspect of mountain bike riding. 

  • How do I know when it’s time to replace my mountain bike grips?

    Knowing when to replace your mountain bike grips is quite simple, first of all you will want to look for visible signs of wear and tear. If your grips are starting to wear away slowly and this affects your grip, then it is time to get a new pair. Effective grips are also designed to reduce shock absorption, so if you notice an increased vibration, it could indicate that the grips are no longer providing you the adequate shock absorption that they should provide you with. When you ride in wet or muddy conditions, be sure to check if the traction on your grips has decreased. Yes, wet conditions can reduce grip strength slightly, but it shouldn’t be so much so that you are struggling to maintain hold, so if this is the case, it is probably a sign that you need a replacement pair.

  • Are there mountain bike grips specifically designed for wet or muddy conditions?

    Yes, mountain bike grips designed to be used in wet or muddy conditions are massively helpful for those who ride in unpredictable weather conditions. They tend to be textured with regards to their patterns, with raised surfaces to allow for a better and more solid grip. The materials they are made from also tend to be water-resistant, preventing the grips from becoming slipper. You will still need to maintain and look after these grips though, ensuring you clean the surface with a cloth to minimise any sort of wear and tear. You can also get grips that are catered towards cold weather riding too; these grips are usually made from insulated properties to keep your hands warm as possible whilst providing you with a firm grip.