Top Stunt Scooters for Young Riders & Beginners

Here at SkateHut, we believe it’s never too early to jump into the world of Stunt Scooters. Shop the very best in Kids Stunt Scooters and Cheap Stunt Scooters. We cater to an array of skill levels and Skating types from street to Skatepark.

With our selection of Stunt Scooters for Kids, we have just what you need to step up your game today. Only the Best Stunt Scooters ready to roll for even the youngest riders, starting your Skate adventure has never been easier. If you’re after something to get you started in the world of Scootering, we have a great range of Cheap Stunt Scooters in bundles and offers sitewide. Shop Mongoose Scooters, MGP, Blunt Envy S9 Scooter or the Blunt Envy Prodigy X and many more and enjoy guaranteed next day delivery when selected at checkout.

Use our helpful Skate Brand and height filters to narrow your search. Still unsure of your choice? Feel free to contact our customer service team who will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. 

Stunt Scooters for Young Riders & Beginners FAQs

  • What age range are your stunt scooters for young riders suitable for?

    Parents want to make sure that the stunt scooter they buy are suitable for their child’s age, because, as you may know, buying a scooter that doesn’t fit their stature can be quite dangerous. If a stunt scooter is too small or too large, they will struggle to use it properly and thus, are more likely to slip or fall off of the setup and hurt themselves. Our range within this category page are typically well-suited for 4 to 8 year olds. Scooters for this age bracket tend to feature lower handlebars and smaller frames in general, with adequate space on the actual deck to ensure that your little ones can maintain proper footing and stability as they ride their scooter. 

  • What safety features are included on these scooters?

    This scooter range consists of a variety of safety features that are suited to young riders and children. The purpose of these features is to allow for a safe riding experience, first and foremost. They are also designed to provide your kids with an enjoyable experience as they pick up their coordination and balance. This includes wider decks that are featured to give greater stability and better balance as they ride. Smaller scooter grips are also featured to allow for an easy hold, so that they can get a firm grip when riding and to prevent their hands slipping when they take on rougher terrain or bumps on the surfaces. 

  • What are the benefits of having T-shape scooter handle bars for my kids?

    T-shape scooter handlebars feature a single vertifical bar with horizontal grips at the top, in the shape of a ‘T’. There are many reasons why this style of scooter handle bars is a popular choice for young riders and that’s because it offers a stable and firm connection between your hands and the scooter deck. The simplicity of the T-shape design makes the handlebars quite easy to use and allows the rider to focus on their movement and tricks, rather than several components that may have beginners feeling a little bit overwhelmed.

  • What are the benefits of having Y-shape scooter handle bars?

    Y-shape handlebars tend to offer a wider grip and this gives scooter riders a lot more control over their riding experience. If your child is an intermediate to advanced rider who wants to execute tricks with top-level precision, then you will want to consider buying them a setup with Y-shaped scooter handlebars. If your child likes to ride for hours and hours on end, Y-shape bars may be a better option because it distributes pressure more evenly across your hands as you ride. This means that you will be able to ride for much longer and take on tougher terrains without feeling fatigue and discomfort so soon.