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Inline Skates FAQs

  • How do I Rollerblade?

    When learning How to Rollerblade it’s super important to remember three main rules. Eyes up, bent knees and practice. Similar but not identical to its sister sports Ice Skating and Quad Roller Skating, the same outwards push from the knee motion comes into play. The single column of wheels on Inline Skates make Rollerblades closer to Ice Skating in practice, the main difference being there is more fluidity of movement with Inline Wheels.

    This is of course to be expected when being compared to steel blades but the rigid blade is preferable to some. Transference of body weight from one side to the other is the main skill you’re sharpening with Skating. Some find it easier to practise with your arms swaying outwards the opposite direction to where your knee is pushing towards.

  • What Size Rollerblades Should I Buy?

    When Buying Rollerblades, sizing advice very much depends on who the Skates are for and what the intended use of the Skate is. When buying Kids Inline Skates it’s often more beneficial to size up for extra growth room. There are lots of Adjustable Inline Skates that maximise longevity being able to grow with the user.

    When sizing Adults Inline Skates for recreational use we often recommend sizing up so there is a more generous fit. This will allow for the use of thick socks for additional comfort, which makes for a more enjoyable Skate experience. When looking to purchase Aggressive Inline Skates for more intense more specific use, this is where we recommend a more snug fit for better reactivity of your Skate. Sizing closer to your foot means you’ll have better control of your Skates.

  • Are Roller Skates or Rollerblades Easier?

    There is no rule when it comes to Roller Skates or RollerBlades being easier. This is almost entirely down to personal preference, so can vary from Skater to Skater. The main difference in usability between the two is the surface area of the boot. Quad Roller Skates are generally considered a more user friendly Skate with their maximised surface area.

    It’s much easier to steady yourself and your centre of gravity on Quad Skates with both feet securely on the ground in a stationary position. When using Inline Skates it’s actually easier to balance once you’re in motion. This is the main difference between the two as far as your Skate experience is concerned. Once you’re competent on your Skates, it may be that you find a particular style of Skate more beneficial for your activity. Most Speed Skaters favour Inline Skates over Quad Skates due to how much easier it is to gain speed.