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Experience the freedom of gliding through the streets with streamlined inline skates. Whether you are just going from A to B, or maybe you want to get a bit of fresh air down at your local park, you will have a blast enjoying the wind rushing past your body as you cut about on the move. We offer a range of inline skates for adults and grown-ups to cater to all styles and preferences. We offer some which are more brightly coloured and vibrant, others that are plain and black, complementing any outfit you decide to rock and some that are even a little more rugged looking, along with everything in between. 

At SkateHut, we’ve chosen the best adult inline skates from the best brands on the market, including Rollerblade, Impala, Anarchy Skates and Skatelife. Our inline skates are built for durability and will ensure your skating experience is one of high performance for a long time.

Adult Inline Skates FAQs

  • What should I consider when buying adult inline skates?

    When choosing your adult inline skates, there are a few important factors that you will want to think about. First of all, you will need to decide what your intended use for the inline skates will be. If you are interested in going for leisurely rides, for example, instead of hitting those high speeds, you can go for a more casual pair that is designed for this.

    Have a good think about sizing too, as a proper and comfortable fit is very important. You will generally go for an inline skate size that matches your shoe size, but you’ll want to bear in mind wheel size and hardness depending on the type of surface you plan to skate on. Large wheels are better suited to smoother surfaces, whereas smaller wheels are ideal for skaters who prioritise manoeuvrability.

  • How do I maintain and care for my adult inline skates?

    Proper maintenance is crucial to keep your adult inline skates in healthy, tip-top condition. After every time you use them, be sure to wipe down the exterior of your skates to get rid of any dirt, dust, debris or moisture. Check the wheels and bearings for any sort of wear and tear too. If you spot wear and tear, be sure to replace these as soon as possible. At SkateHut, we stock a range of bearings at great prices so that you can keep your skates running smoothly on an absolute minimum budget. 

    Keep an eye on the frame and tighten any loose bolts that you spot too. You’ll want to keep the bearings on the skates sufficiently lubricated at all times as this will contribute to smooth rolling.

  • What are the different types of adult inline skates available?

    There are a range of types of inline skates available and this includes the following:

    • Fitness Skates - Fitness skates are designed specifically for casual use and for helping inline skaters to maintain their fitness, offering a good mix of speed and comfort.
    • Aggressive Skates: These skates are more for the serious skaters; those who want to perform tricks and stunts. Aggressive skates are built to last with durability in mind, whilst simultaneously offering a snug and comfortable fit to withstand and absorb any impact, keeping your ankle and feet supported and protected.
    • Urban Skates: These are skates that are designed for those who want to commute through busy city streets in their inline skates. Again, these style of skates ofer manoeuvrability and shock absorption for when you come across slightly rougher than usual terrain.
    • Speed Skates: Speed skates cater to those who really want to fly through the winds at high speeds. The boots on these inline skates tend to be fairly low cut, with large wheels with more of an aerodynamic frame and structure as a whole.
    • Recreational Skates - Recreational are more visually appealing on the eye and are built to look stylish aesthetically. These styles of inline skates will allow you to have plenty of enjoyable and leisurely rides on a range of surfaces regardless of where you are.