Adjustable Inline Skates 

Adjustable inline skates offer a range of benefits to inline skaters when compared to standard inline skates, making them a great choice for a range of riders, but more beginners and children. The reason these skates are particularly great for kids is because they will grow with the inline skates and as their shoe size changes, they can adjust the size inline skates to fit their feet. This is thanks to the built-in mechanism that allows the skater to either extend or retract the frame to accommodate to larger and smaller sizes. 

Another benefit linked to this is that it offers increased cost-efficiency. Since you will not need to buy a brand new pair of inline skates each time your child’s feet outgrow the skates, you will save yourself spending unnecessary money on unnecessary skates and instead, use the same reliable set of inline skates that they have grown accustomed to. This also allows them to grow comfortable with the skates, as it can be quite challenging and take some time for kids to switch inline skates and get the feel of comfort that they had with the previous pair that they grew comfortable towards. 

Santa Cruz Skateboards FAQs

  • What are adjustable inline skates and how do they work?

    Adjustable inline skates are inline skates that have been designed to be adjusted to the feet of the skater. These are especially beneficial for kids, since, as mentioned above, they can grow with the skates and adjust the fit towards their needs as the size of their feet changes over time. This is done through a size-adjustment mechanism that allows skaters to either extend or retract the frame, and this is achieved via a simple button or lever that enables the adjustment of the frame.

  • Can adults use adjustable inline skates, or are they designed exclusively for kids?

    Absolutely! This feature isn’t just beneficial for growing children though, adults can make use of this great feature too. On some days, you might require a tighter fit if you want to prioritise accuracy and precision and on others when you are just having a comfortable and casual cruise, you might prefer a slightly looser fit. 

    There are adjustable inline skates in larger sizes too that cater specifically to adults, but generally, adults with larger feet will tend to prefer standard-fit inline skates due to the performance limitations that can come with these skates. This is because although they might me better suited to growing kids who are just getting started with inline skating, adjustable skates are compromised when it comes to stability and support. They tend to be not as sturdy or capable of handling heavier weight

  • Can I easily adjust the size of the adjustable inline skates myself, or should I seek professional assistance?

    Adjusting the size of the inline skates is a simple job that riders can do themselves with no problem at all. The way the adjustable mechanism has been designed allows for an easy adjustment process, you will not need to read any instructions or do any sort of researching before doing this, it is all very self-explanatory. 

    Firstly, you will want to locate the size adjustment mechanism, and this is usually a lever or button that is located on the skate’s frame or base. Secondly, you will want to release the mechanism, either by pressing the button down or flipping the lever. Next, simple adjust the size of the skates to fit to your preference before ensuring the button or level locks the size in place. Keep an eye out for proper alignment; you will want to make sure that front and rear of the skates are evenly aligned to allow for a stable, smooth and safe skating experience without any wobbling or imbalance.

  • Are there different styles of adjustable inline skates available or are they all fairly standard and similar?

    Adjustable skates are available in a range of styles and, with just a few modifications, can be ideal for either indoor or outdoor use, depending on what you prefer. If you are planning to skate indoors, you will want to go for a harder material as this will contribute towards a smoother and more controlled glide on indoor surfaces and smoother floors. For outdoor skating, on the other hand, you’ll want wheels that with greater shock-absorbsion properties since the surfaces will be rougher against skates.