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Electric Skateboards are the epitome of Skateboarding in style from A to B. Whether you're looking for an Electric Skateboard or Longboard, discover the fantastic selection of the Best Electric Skateboards in the UK here at SkateHut. Built with great manoeuvrability, Electric Skateboards offer great innovative technology ensuring the rider a thrilling Skateboarding experience. An Electric Skateboard gives you the power to travel as fast as traffic, speed up hills and brake safely down them as you recharge your batteries.

With the latest in Electric Skateboard and Longboard design, including a range of all terrain Off Road Electric Skateboards. Our Electric Skateboards for Adults are designed with efficiency in mind. There is no end of reasons to ride. Many of the boards below come with a handheld remote for speed control, browse our wide range of Remote Electric Skateboards. Choose from all the Best Electric Skateboard brands including Exway, Loaded and Evolve Skateboards. We even have One Wheel Electric Skateboards for sale.

Convert your current Longboard Deck to an Electrics DIY style with our Unlimited Electric Skateboard Kits. Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits are a great way to keep the setup you love while also elevating your experience. The conversion kit includes an Electric Skateboard UK motor that can be attached to the rear of the Skateboard Deck and comes in a range of designs to accommodate your board use.

Whether you’re racing, cruising or commuting we’re sure to have the perfect board choice to meet your needs. Browsing the different designs and colour options below, you’re sure to find the perfect board to suit your personality. Take a look through our full collection and find some great deals on Electric Skateboards today. Unsure of what choice to make? Our helpful customer service team is always on hand to assist you with any queries you may have. Experience Free Delivery on all Electric Skateboard orders and enjoy a wide selection of accessories to take your Skate to the next level.

  • Are Electric Skateboards Legal in the UK?

    Much like E-Scooters and other motorised transportation, the Electric Skateboard is legal to own for your personal use in the UK. Being a powered form of transport means e-boards fall under the same jurisdiction as Hoverboards and E-Bikes. This means UK law classifies them as illegal for use on any pedestrianised zones such as pavements and cycle lanes. Although you won’t need to tax your personal board you may need to register and insure it for use on the road, much like other electronic transportation models.

    Of course improper use can lead to fines, points on your licence and possibly confiscation of your Electric Skateboard, so always make sure you’re aware of the laws and zoning regulations for the areas you Skate in. Although UK law does not enforce any legal requirement to wear protective equipment while riding an Electric Skateboard on private property, we at SkateHut always advise it. As with all Skating and extreme sports it’s recommended to wear maximum skate protective gear. This includes Helmets, Knee Pads and elbow caps to ensure your safety and protection.

  • Are Electric Skateboards hard to ride?

    The Electric Skateboard isn’t hard to ride but can take some practice at first. Although, this is not unlike getting started on a regular board. The propelling motion of the Electric Skateboard is definitely something you have to get used to when transferring from a manual board. Once you’ve adjusted yourself to the controls and feel of the board it should become second nature much like cruising on your Longboard.

    The experience definitely feels a lot smoother and controlled. The brake system and speed control make it a safer, more user friendly experience. This makes the more user friendly option than a regular board, with its advanced safety mechanisms. The practicality of the board makes it great for shorter commutes or cruising depending on your boards battery life.

  • How much does an Electric Skateboard Cost?

    The general price for a full size Electric Skateboard would be around £500 - £1000+. This can of course vary depending on what model, brand and spec of the board. Some Mini Cruiser models of Electric Skateboards can be found at a more affordable price but the consensus for a full size board with a motor will be higher.

    If you’re interested in the world of electric motorised transport but love your current board, you can also install a motor kit that attaches into your trucks. These are often around £700 - £1100 but offer the support and comfort of a familiar set up alongside the e-boards speed control and cruising capabilities. Understandably a more expensive option than your manual board as with any electronic alternative.