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Size up your BMX with SkateHut

BMX bikes are a type of bicycle that have become popular for their use in extreme sports and competitive racing. They are designed with a sturdy frame and unique features such as smaller wheels and a compact design, making them ideal for performing tricks and maneuvers.

There are two main sizes of BMX bikes: 18 inch and 20 inch. 18 inch BMX bikes are typically smaller and lighter, making them a great option for younger riders or those who are just starting out in the sport. 20 inch BMX bikes, on the other hand, are the most common size and are used by both amateur and professional riders.

Both sizes of BMX bikes are known for their durability and ability to handle a variety of terrains, including dirt, pavement, and skate parks. They often have features such as front and rear pegs, a small chainring, and a single gear, which allow for better control and performance during tricks and jumps.

Whether you're looking to ride for fun or compete in BMX racing, these bikes are a great option for those who love the thrill and excitement of extreme sports.


BMX Bikes FAQs

  • What Does BMX Stand For?

    BMX stands for Bicycle MotoCross. The extreme mini bike sport of BMXing is one of the most popular children's bike categories. Original motocross is a closed course motorcycle race with steep hills, sharp turns and lots of mud and rough terrain. Much like its sister sport, BMX adapts the same closed course extreme terrain run but swaps a motor power for a pedal. Although this makes it a little less intimidating than motocross, do not be fooled into thinking it’s any less wild.

    The BMX world has seen tricks just as extreme, if not more so. The lightweight nature of a pushbike compared to the motorised version allows for more freedom in the air and on the ground. Push the boundaries as well as the pedals into the world of BMX Mongoose and find your newest adrenaline rush today.

  • What Size BMX Do I Need?

    When sizing for BMX Bikes the most important measurement is the frame’s top tube length. If the top tube length is too short this could mean the rider is hunched over the bars. Too long would mean the rider will be overstretched to the handlebars. Either one is equally as uncomfortable and unsafe as the other. The majority of BMX Bikes will have 20” wheels standard but the frame size will vary. You can determine which frame size would be a good fit using the top tube length and comparing this to the overall height of the rider.

    The world of BMXing is more inclusive than ever with the biggest names in the sport producing BMX Frame sizes to fit all, young beginners and adult pros alike. The Mini BMX Frame is specifically for adults due to its weight and is recommended for intermediate skill users. This is a more advanced model of BMX and not to be confused with a Kids BMX.

  • Is a BMX as Fast as a Regular Bike?

    Due to the nature of the sport, BMX Bikes are primarily designed for ticking and not for speed. The gear systems are slightly different to allow for easier pedalling similar to that of a lower gear on a regular Bike. The smaller tyres of a BMX don’t allow the Bike to carry as much speed as larger tyres do on a standard Bike build.

    This means a standard BMX will be slower on paths and smooth terrain than your average Road Bike or Hybrid Bike. Because of the intentions of the Bike itself, the frame and components are chosen to be able to cater to high impacts and uneven surfaces while remaining lightweight and durable. This also contributes to the BMXs lack of speed by comparison to other Bike styles.

  • How Much Should you Pay for a BMX Bike?

    The price of a BMX bike can vary widely depending on several factors, including the brand, quality, features, and intended use of the bike, but its always best to keep a look out for the best BMX sale.

    1. Entry-level BMX bikes: These are basic models suitable for beginners and casual riders. They typically range from £150 to £300.

    2. Mid-range BMX bikes: These bikes offer better quality components and construction, making them suitable for more experienced riders. Prices for mid-range BMX bikes can fall between £300 to £600.

    3. High-end BMX bikes: These bikes are built with top-of-the-line components and materials for serious riders, professionals, or enthusiasts. High-end BMX bikes can start from £600 and go up to £1,500 or more.

    4. Custom or specialty BMX bikes: If you're looking to build a custom BMX bike or want a bike with specific features or modifications, the price can vary significantly based on the parts and upgrades you choose. Custom BMX bikes can range from £800 to well over £2,000.

    Keep in mind that prices may vary, so it's a good idea to up to date with SkateHuts latest BMX sale.