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At SkateHut, we aim to offer our customers with the best scooter products and items on the market and its for this reason that we are over the moon to introduce Crisp Scooters to you! Crisp Scooters has been leading the world of scootering with innovative scooters that make waves when it comes to design and performance, and it has been doing this for the last 9 years. Crisp Scooters has been bringing a massive amount of experience to the world of scooter riding over the last 9 years and its product range isn’t just great, it's revolutionary. 

Crisp Scooters realises how important durability is when it comes to stunt scooter riding. Stunt scooters need to be able to withstand non-stop sessions in skate parks and streets, with consistent contact and collisions with surfaces. Fortunately for stunt scooter riders, this team of scooter professionals and experts prioritise durability, so that you can look at purchasing your first stunt scooter from Crisp as an investment that will bring you tons of value.

Crisp Scooters FAQs

  • Do Crisp Scooters offer a comfortable riding experience?

    Crisp Scooters places a strong emphasis on providing stunt scooter riders of all skill levels with a comfortable experience. Beginner scooter riders as well as experienced riders all want a comfortable experience and Crisp offers this in a variety of ways. Its ergonomic scooter handlebars and scooter grips allow for a natural grip that will prevent any sort of bad posture or riding stance which could lead to an accident or injury through repetitive strain injury. Its smooth and responsive wheels, coupled with its shock absorption technology incorporated into the scooters means that you can really go hard with the tricks and bounce back and recompose yourself perfectly with minimal effort.

    Crisp Scooters’ stunt scooters also come fitted with adjustable features, whereby you can set the height of the scooter to fit your needs or preferences at the time. This means that you can give yourself a tailored, personalised riding experience with the perfect scooter setup.

  • Can I use a Crisp Scooter for commuting or transportation purposes?

    While Crisp Scooters are mainly designed for freestyle scooter riding and executing tricks, they can certainly be used for travelling from A to B for shorter commuting journeys. The responsive design of Crisp Scooters means that its stunt scooters can be used to travel in busy urban areas where there may be a lot of football and traffic, since its responsiveness will allow for sharper movements and more accuracy when it comes to making turns. 

    It is also an environmentally friendly way to travel to school or work, or wherever you are going, not to mention the fact that you will be keeping yourself fit and active whilst getting some fresh air which is great for the mental health of us all. The comfort offered from these stunt scooters will also make it a pleasure to get about and you might find that a Crisp Scooter becomes your favourite mode of transportation.

  • How can I clean my Crisp Scooter to ensure its longevity?

    Proper maintenance is essential to maximising the lifespan of your Crisp Scooter. You will want to begin by removing any sort of dirt, dust or debris using a soft brush. Be sure to handle gently when removing the debris and do a thorough check on all of the components and parts to ensure that nothing is loose and everything works as it should. If you do come across any issues, you can always get in touch with SkateHut’s customer service department, and our friendly team of experts will be able to advise on if any sort of action is needed and what you will need to do regarding next steps. If you do come across any worn out parts, be sure to replace these as soon as possible to prevent any unnessary accidents which could lead to injury.