In 1991, Mike Ternasky founded Plan B along with a handful of top pro skaters as an alternative to the big corporations who were dominating the industry at the time (hence the name Plan B). Their platform for greatness was a series of ground breaking videos that showcased the most progressive skateboarding the world had ever seen. Unfortunately, as the brand was making it big in the Mid-90's, tragedy struck and Ternasky dies in a car accident. It was down to original Plan B Pro's Danny Way and Colin Mckay to keep the brand alvie but ultimately shelved it. Then in 2005 Way and Mckay repeated history by launching Plan B along with top pro's Paul Rodriguez, PJ Ladd and Pat Duffy. Ryan Sheckler and Torey Pudwill would later join, making the new Plan B team one of the most elite teams in the industry. With the same drive and focus on progression that Ternasky originally instilled, Plan B has again become a leader in the world of Skateboarding. Plan B is built on one idea, Progression, and to this day that principle lives on strong in the brand and can be found in every aspect of what they make and do. It is the heart of Plan B, whether making a new deck construction / skate vid / pair of jeans, you can count on a progressive point of view and a quality over quantity mindset from Plan B every time.

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