Master Every Turn: Shop Premium Longboard Wheels at SkateHut

Longboarding can take its toll on wheels, whether you're bombing down hills at high speeds, sending the board into a slide to take a corner or carving up the streets you can quickly cause wear. Well don’t worry, SkateHut is here to provide you with a selection of some of the best brand longboard wheels on the market poured from premium urethane compounds for optimal performance from top brands including Orangatang, Mindless and more. Use the filters to quickly select your preferred durometer (Hardness) or wheel size with diameters ranging from 60mm - 85mm wheels. With a range of shapes and sizes to suit any riding style, you can chat to our knowledgeable customer service staff for help picking the best wheels for you with our live chat on our website.

Product FAQs

  • What size wheels do I need?

    When selecting longboard wheels, the first choice to consider is their size, typically ranging from 64-85mm, with 70mm being the most common. The crucial factor is ensuring they fit your setup without causing wheel bite (this is when your deck makes contact with the wheels when turning). Generally, larger wheels offer greater speed, while smaller ones provide quicker acceleration due to differences in inertia. Larger wheels also roll smoother over rough surfaces due to reduced friction.

    Big Wheels = Greater Top Speed & Smoother Roll/ Slow Acceleration
    Small Wheels = Slower Top Speed / Fast Acceleration & Better Slides
  • What wheel shape suits my style?

    The profile of a longboard wheel significantly impacts its performance, affecting grip, smoothness, slide predictability, and wear.

    Square (Sharp) Edge: Characterized by sharp edges, square profile wheels offer a high grip suitable for slalom and fast carving. They distort over bumps, and as they wear down, their grip diminishes, making them ideal for downhill skating but less forgiving for sliding.

    Bevelled Edge: Positioned between square and radiused edges, bevelled profile wheels provide moderate grip and slide predictability. They maintain their shape until worn down to the bottom of the bevel.

    Radiused (Round) Edge: Featuring circular edges, radiused profile wheels offer smoother sideways movement and carving. They provide progressive sliding but a lower grip, making them suitable for freeriding and stand-up sliding, as well as cruiser setups for easier power sliding.

  • What is the best durometer?

    Modern urethane wheels offer significant advantages over older steel or clay wheels, including increased speed, better grip, and improved ride quality due to their higher rebound properties. Urethane wheels exhibit varying hardness, measured on the Durometer scale, typically ranging from 75-88a for longboard wheels. Soft longboard wheels offer more grip but roll slower, while harder wheels provide less grip but roll faster. The most popular durometers for longboarding are 78a and 80a, striking a balance between grip, roll speed, and slide-ability.

    Wheel hardness also affects grip on different surfaces; softer wheels excel on rough roads by compressing over bumps, whereas harder wheels perform better on smooth surfaces like concrete skateparks. Generally, softer wheels (75a) offer grippier rides with a "grabby" slide, while harder wheels (85a) are slidier but can be more challenging to control. The optimal balance for most longboard applications falls within the middle range of 78-82a.