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Here at SkateHut we have a huge selection of quality cruiser skateboards just waiting for you to discover. Also referred to as cruiser skateboards, these particular boards are meant for general purpose boarding, rather than pulling tricks. As such you’ll want the best quality, which is why we have top names you can rely on such as Krunk, Long Island and Quest offering cruiser decks, cheap cruisers and other cruiser skateboards. To narrow your search for the perfect cruiser, use our search filters down the side of the page, otherwise take a look at the SkateHut listings and order today.

Cruiser FAQs

  • What is a cruiser skateboard?

    A cruiser skateboard is a popular variant of skateboards that is specifically designed to provide smooth and comfortable rides. These boards are built with a focus on versatility and ease of use, making them perfect for cruising and commuting. The key feature that sets a cruiser skateboard apart is its larger and softer wheelbase. The larger wheels offer increased stability and a smoother roll over various surfaces, including rough pavements or cracks. The softer wheel durometer provides enhanced grip and shock absorption, ensuring a more comfortable ride. This combination of larger and softer wheels allows riders to effortlessly glide along streets, boardwalks, or campus pathways with minimal effort. The shape of a cruiser skateboard often features a slightly wider and more stable deck, providing a comfortable platform for riders of all skill levels.

    Whether you're exploring your neighborhood, commuting to work or school, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, a cruiser skateboard offers a fun and relaxed way to get around while enjoying the freedom and exhilaration of skateboarding.

  • What is the difference between a cruiser skateboard and regular skateboard?

    The main difference between a cruiser skateboard and a regular skateboard lies in their design and intended use. While both are forms of skateboards, they serve different purposes and cater to different riding styles.

    A cruiser skateboard is specifically designed for relaxed cruising and commuting. It features a wider and more stable deck, allowing riders to maintain balance and ride comfortably for longer distances. Cruiser skateboards often have larger and softer wheels, which provide a smoother ride and better grip on various surfaces. The trucks on cruiser boards are typically looser, enhancing maneuverability and making it easier to navigate turns and curves.

    On the other hand, regular skateboards are designed for tricks, technical maneuvers, and skatepark use. They have a narrower and more concave deck, allowing for greater control during tricks and flips. Regular skateboards often have smaller and harder wheels, which provide a better grip for executing tricks and slides. The trucks on regular skateboards are usually tighter, offering more stability for landing tricks and performing aerial maneuvers.

  • Can I use a cruiser skateboard for downhill riding?

    Cruiser skateboards are not specifically designed for high-speed downhill riding. They are better suited for cruising at moderate speeds. If you're looking for downhill riding, consider a dedicated longboard.