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Welcome to SkateHut's Garden Games and Toys!

Step into a world of endless fun and adventure with our Garden Games and Toys Collection. Whether you're planning a backyard party, a day at the park, or a beach getaway, we have everything you need to make your outdoor playtime unforgettable. Our collection features a wide range of games and toys that will keep kids and adults entertained for hours. From classic favorites, like croquet and space hoppers. to innovative new releases, like Funslinger and Canoff, we've gathered a selection that guarantees smiles, laughter, and bonding moments with family and friends.

So, whether you're planning a family gathering, a day of outdoor fun with friends, or simply looking to add more excitement to your outdoor activities, explore our outdoor Garden Games and Toys Collection including kids garden games today. Unleash the joy of play, laughter, and unforgettable memories with SkateHut's exceptional selection.

Browse our collection now and let the adventure begin. Get ready to create unforgettable moments of fun and laughter with our Garden Games and Toys Collection. Happy playing!


Garden Games FAQs

  • What are the best Garden Games for family gatherings and outdoor parties?

    SkateHut has a range of games for the garden and outdoor toys available for friends and family of various sizes and age ranges. We have games to suit larger groups, where there’s 4-6 or more people involved, but we also have goal sets, badminton sets and more which caters to smaller groups who want to really get active. Each one of our garden games and outdoor sets aims to get you moving, keep you active, fit and healthy whilst also allowing you and everyone involved to have an absolute blast, no matter the weather. Some of our garden sets have also been designed in such a way that you can use them indoors too. This is particularly beneficial during the Winter and Autumn when it is cooler, or when the unpredictable rain appears out of nowhere. With these outdoor garden games, you can keep the fun going and the movie rolling. 

  • Are your garden games safe to use?

    Our garden outdoor games have been constructed using high-quality, non-toxic materials and metals that are designed to be sturdy and robust but also offer a fun experience that is perfectly safe for kids and children. Many of games comply with safety regulations and have been through thorough testing processes. The edges are smooth and trip hazards are kept to an absolute minimum. Our games are also designed with a child-friendly design in mind, so kids can easily have an amazing time, with clear instructions on how to set up the garden sets. The brands that we stock are market-leading, well-trusted brands that we all know and love. 

  • Are garden games suitable for kids, and do you offer games designed specifically for children?

    Yes, our outdoor garden games for adults in the UK and toys for the garden are perfect for children and little ones. They have been designed with safety in mind, especially for use by young kids. This means that the edges aren’t sharp, trip hazards are minimal and they are safe to use. Our outdoor garden games have been designed for the full family to use, with a particular emphasis on being child-friendly, so you can relax knowing that your children will be using safe equipment, designed to offer bags of fun. Be sure to keep an eye out for damage, such as missing chunks, bent materials or loose/weak parts, and replace any damaged parts to ensure the safety of your children, family and friends. 

  • What are some tips for maintaining and storing garden games and outdoor toy sets to maintain longevity?

    You can maintain the longevity of your toys for the garden and kids garden games by keeping them dry and clean. After each session of use, be sure to completely dry your outdoor garden games before storing away and this way, you should prevent mould or any sort of damage. Be sure to safely store your sets away somewhere cool and dry. If the garden set can be disassembled, be sure to disassemble it carefully and store the components away in an organised fashion so that you can get the set back up and running for the next time you dive into the joy. If you can’t store your outdoor garden games indoors anywhere, be sure to cover it up by either putting it in a bag or under a cover.