Introducing Dryrobes - The Ultimate Changing Robe

Dryrobe organic cotton robes are perfect for changing outdoor sports clothes and wetsuits. Shop our newest collection of the world's most versatile changing robes today here at SkateHut. Get changed and stay warm with the advance protection of Dryrobe UK. Designed to let you change anywhere and protect you from the elements, Dryrobe towels offer warmth and practicality in any climate. More than your standard towel robe, the Dryrobe advanced line combines a weather resistant outer with a super warm inner lining to get you dry quickly.

At SkateHut we proudly boast an awesome selection of adults and kids dryrobes, making sure there’s a fit for the whole family. Changing on the go? With the handy Dryrobe compression bag in varied designs, and the sturdy changing mat, you can protect your equipment and yourself no matter where or when. Dryrobe’s offer a selection of innovative backpacks and warm gear for environmentally conscious outdoor swimmers and adventurers.

Made with 100% recycled fabrics and available in a range of colours, like the red dryrobe or the dryrobe camo, the Dryrobe’s innovative designs are eco-friendly and versatile. Large and loose enough to pull your arms in and change, but adaptable to be worn as a coat or jacket for ultimate protection from whatever the weather may hold. Enjoy free delivery today on all orders over £100. Unsure of the right Dryrobe? Contact our friendly customer service team who can assist you with your choice. Shop confidently with the Number one Online Skate Shop in the UK for all your Black Friday Dryrobe offers and changing robe needs. Always supplying you with only the best quality products to aid your adventurous journeys.

Dryrobe FAQs

  • What is a Dryrobe?

    All Dryrobe products have been designed for those changing on the fly, to be ready for action in a matter of minutes. It’s essentially a weatherproof changing cloak for any beach or water activities and sports. Anyone who has had to change on the beach with the wind hitting them while they hold their towel for dear life will be able to tell you just how handy a Dryrobe is.

    Its patented dry touch technology means the moisture control lining draws water from the skin all while insulating you from harsh conditions with its weatherproof outer layer. The top of its game, Dryrobe UK is well designed and well loved by all that use them. Made with sustainability in mind, approved by the Global Recycle Standard, the high-performance fleece lining of the Dryrobe Advance is made from 100% recycled polyester.

  • How to use a Dryrobe?

    To use your Dryrobe all you have to do is either slip in or wrap the robe around yourself and fasten the front zip. From here you should have a comfortable range of movement within the robe. Whether you use it to take your wet garms off with modesty or as a post change Dryrobe towel wrap, the Dryrobe has your back.

    Use the Dryrobe to stay warm and dry off before putting your clean, dry clothes back on. The only way you will tell that you’ve been near water will be your hair or the salt and chlorine lingering in your aura. With its growing reach and popularity, Dryrobe and Kids Dryrobe have been able to elevate their designs with new styles and variations. As well as leading the way in dry wear inventions, Dryrobe also pride themselves on sustainability. For the more ethically conscious athlete, Dryrobe is made with environmental consciousness in mind.

  • Where can I buy a Dryrobe?

    Although Dryrobe is of course the main distributor of their own product, they can be purchased elsewhere Worldwide thanks to their growing popularity. Known UK distributors include SkateHut amongst other leading outdoor sports and lifestyle retailers. Often imitated, never bettered. Dryrobes promise as the first of its kind is that its trademarked performance technology leads the way for innovative and comfortable design.

    From one man's cold, damp towel robe on the beach and a benched invention idea came the latest innovative outdoor dry wear. The quality of the Dryrobe speaks for itself and can now be found used by athletes. With its appearance at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Dryrobe solidified itself as a front runner in drywear innovations. Shop our Dryrobe Sale here at SkateHut.

  • Are Dryrobe Waterproof?

    Dryrobes are by design completely waterproof. Rather than soaking up the water, the signature dry touch element allows the robe to wick water away from the skin. Water gathered on Dryrobes weatherproof outer can be shaken off like a dog so you’re drip-free and ready to move.

    Dryrobe has a patented inner fleece technology that allows moisture to rapidly evaporate through the vented design of the garment. This allows your dryrobe to always keep you warm, without sacrificing style. Boasting 100% recycled waterproof materials, the dryrobe offers unmatched waterproof protection.

  • Can you wear a Dryrobe as a Coat?

    Dryrobes can be worn as coats. Dryrobe Coats are becoming more and more popular with varied audiences due to the dryrobes versatile waterproof materials. The perfect transitional item, Dryrobe Alternative coats are perfect for a range of uses. Of course dryrobe is held in high esteem by pro athletes and great for watersports, but it can also benefit anyone being exposed to the elements.

    From campers to dog walkers, super cosy fleece lining and weatherproof outer offers the ultimate combination of warmth and protection. With a similar aesthetic to the longline puffer jacket, Dryrobe Alternative coats offer more protection from the elements than your standard jacket. Dryrobe Coats can be worn to and from the beach, minimising baggage and maximising convenience.