Shop a great selection of skateboard trucks. We stock all the best brands in the UK, including Independent, Fracture, Tensor, Krux, Bullet, Royal and too many more to list. Our effective Price Match Promise ensures you get the best price for your trucks! All pairs are compatible with your average skateboard deck, but to get the best out of your board it's a good idea to match your trucks up to the width of your deck. If you need any help or advice on your purchase, contact our Customer Services team, we’re always happy to help!

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Choosing your skateboard trucks can be one of the most important things  you do for your custom skateboard. As the key component between the deck and wheels, they determine the stability and feel of the ride, that's why we stock a huge selections of trucks in various sizes and designs, including top, well-known brands like Independent, Krux, Birdhouse and loads more. Shop online with SkateHut today and don't forget to sign up to our newsletter for 5% off your first purchase and the latest offers and deals for skateboard completes and customs.