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Shop a great selection of skateboard trucks. We stock all the best brands in the UK, including Independent, Fracture, Tensor, Krux, Bullet, Royal and too many more to list. Our effective Price Match Promise ensures you get the best price for your trucks! All pairs are compatible with your average skateboard deck, but to get the best out of your board it's a good idea to match your trucks up to the width of your deck. If you need any help or advice on your purchase, contact our Customer Services team, we’re always happy to help!

Choosing your skateboard trucks can be one of the most important things  you do for your custom skateboard. As the key component between the deck and wheels, they determine the stability and feel of the ride, that's why we stock a huge selections of trucks in various sizes and designs, including top, well-known brands like Independent, Krux, Birdhouse and loads more. Shop online with SkateHut today and don't forget to sign up to our newsletter for 5% off your first purchase and the latest offers and deals for skateboard completes and customs.

Skateboard Trucks FAQs

  • How do low, mid and high skateboard trucks differ in functionality?

    Low trucks have a lower profile, meaning that they are constructed to sit closer to the ground. They tend to be the go to choice for street and technical skaters due to the lower centre of gravity offered, allowing skaters to maintain their stability upon landing advanced tricks and maintaining balance on a variety of terrains. Mid trucks offer great versatility, bringing a combination of both versatility and manoeuvrability, whereby it is a good choice for both park and street skaters due to the balanced compromise. Higher trucks, on the other hand, come with a higher profile, offering more clearance between the deck and wheels. This is a more popular option for downhill skaters, longboard and cruiser board riders.

  • How will I know whether the trucks I select will fit my skateboard deck?

    The most important thing to do is to measure or know the exact width of your skateboard deck and to ensure that the width of the skateboard trucks exactly or closely match up to this measurement. The axle width, which is the distance between the two axles, should also match to the width of the skateboard deck and if you use riser pads, ensure that the skateboard trucks offer sufficient space for these. You will also want to check that the baseplate of the trucks match the hole pattern on the skateboard deck. If you plan to use larger wheels, you may require higher trucks to avoid wheelbite (where the skateboard wheels rub against the deck during turns).

  • What is the difference between standard kingpin trucks and inverted kingpin (reverse kingpin) trucks?

    With standard kingpin trucks, the kingpin faces towards the centre of the board, and these type of trucks tend to offer a lower profile. This leads to adequate stability, which allows for a more stable and predictable ride. Conversely, inverted tricks have the kingpin facing outwards and is generally synonymous with longboarding, cruising and carving setups. It is better suited for wave-like wide turns which you’d execute on a surfboard on the sea due to the larger turning radius. This is why inverted kingpin trucks are better suited to longer distance, more smooth-like riding, whereas standard kingpin trucks contribute to a more agile skating experience.

  • What brands should I go for when buying skateboard trucks?

    When it comes to choosing your skateboard trucks, you will want to ensure that the ones you choose are reliable. Some reliable brands known for producing high-performance engineering and design are Fracture trucks, Independent trucks, Rampage trucks, Paris Trucks Co and Grind King Trucks, to name a few. At SkateHut, we stock skateboard trucks from all of these reliable brands, alongside a range of other market-leading brands. Use the filters on our webpage to really drill down to your exact requirements, from truck size to price.