Are you looking for a pair of Vans shoes? Look no further, because Skatehut have you covered. We stock a massive range of Vans skate shoes from Old Skool Shoes to High Tops. Get the ultimate in Skate Wear with a pair of skateshoes from Vans and complete the must have look.

Vans shoes have always been a crowd favourite, not just in skate culture but fashion as well. The Vans brand is all about allowing people to express themselves creatively and the iconic logo of “Off The Wall” harks back to the brands very routes. If you’re looking to pair your new Vans skateboard with the best skate shoe, browse our range below.

Pro skateboarders and amateurs alike favour the vans shoe for their impressive grip and style. Instantly recognisable, with their iconic slip ons, we have a style of vans shoe that will suit everyone.

  • Are Old Skool Vans Good for Skating?

    Since their debut in the 70s, Old Skool Vans are widely renowned for being the best for Skating. With their reinforced toe-cap and padded collars, the structural integrity of the Vans Old Skool is unmatched. Securely remaining one of the most iconic daps on the map with the iconic Vans waffle sole and classic Vans side stripe detail, the Old Skool Vans natural flexibility and board feel allows for a better skate.

    The Old Skool Vans have been adopted worldwide for everyday use thanks to their famed durability, but Vans have been a Skater favourite from day one. Vans Old Skool technology ensures maximum protection from wear. Built by Skaters, for skaters, the Old Skool Pro reinforced rubber underlay provides extra protection in high-impact areas where you need it most, while the historic waffle outsole gives that signature Vans grip Skaters know and love.

  • Are Vans Good Skate Shoes?

    Vans remain one of the most supreme choices of Skate Shoes on the scene today. It’s hard to leave the house without spotting a pair of Vans Classics or Vans Old Skools in this day and age, and the adoption of the Vans Skate Shoe into the mainstream is only further testament to its consistent high quality design.

    Since the dawn of Vans in 1966, their superior resistant rubber composition has been authentically championed on the Skate Scene. The Signature Vans Deck Shoe paved the way in the early years, garnering attention from local Skaters with their archetypal heavy duty slim soles allowing for maximum board feel without sacrificing strength. The Vans Old Skool Pro and the Vans Sk8-Hi designs define Skating through the eras. Vans Old Skool Pro are one of the best Vans skate shoes on the market today.

  • Are Vans Slip ons Good for Skating?

    Generally a more relaxed design, the Vans Slip Ons have less reinforcement features to be classified as good for Skating. The Vans Slip Ons do include the same signature waffle sole and grip that Vans are known for, but without the Traditional Vans Side swipe you’re not going to have the full coverage support of the Vans Skate Shoe technology. The Slip On is esteemed for its comfort factor.

    The easy to slip into design and padded inner are super cosy with or without socks. Specially designed heel reinforcements combat common blister spots and grippy waffle sole make them perfect leisurely walking shoes. Often sported in more beach based environments, the slip on is a chilled back design which often struggles under the pressures of Skatepark use. Skaters in Vans Slip ons will often have rips in their canvas upper from Skate impact, which is also a sought after aesthetic.