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Guarantee yourself the smoothest ride with our selection of BMX Frames. Check out our BMX Buying Guide for information on which size frame your BMX requires. Free Delivery guaranteed on all BMX Frame orders. We also have special order-in items available as well, so however you want to customise your BMX Bikes, we can provide you with frames of the highest quality.

BMX Bike Frames FAQs

  • What is a BMX frame?

    In simple terms, a BMX frame is the foundational structure of the BMX bike. In order to have an efficient setup, it is absolutely crucial that your foundation, thus, your BMX frame, is strong. It holds all of the various components together to create a complete bicycle and influences the overall features of the bike, such as how agile or strong it is during riding sessions. The bike frame holds the headset, bottom bracket, seat post and rear dropouts, and all of these parts contribute to how your riding experience will feel. The geometry of BMX Bikes, particularly their frames vary quite considerably. Different styles of geometry will influence the bike’s features and strengths, for example, street frames tend to have a more robust build, whereas park frames are designed to be more lightweight and agile.

  • How do I choose the right BMX frame size?

    As we mentioned above, ensuring that you choose the correct BMX frame size is essential for allowing for both a comfortable and successful bike riding experience. The two key things to note when choosing your perfect frame is to consider your height and riding style. With regards to height, you will simply want to check out the manufacturer’s size guide to ensure you go for the right size to ensure efficient riding. With regards to riding style though, different riding styles may benefit from specific frame geometries. Street riders tend to prefer a more compact setup for maneuverability, whereas park riders will usually choose something that is longer in length to maintain their stability whilst they are performing their tricks in the air. 

  • Can I upgrade my BMX frame without replacing the entire bike?

    Yes, upgrading your BMX frame is definitely feasible, but you will want to assess the compatibility of what you are after. You will want to make sure your fork, headset, bottom bracket and any other components. The fork is responsible for stability, so you will want to consider the steerer tube length and dropout spacing. The headset is responsible for the steering and rotation, whereas the bottom bracket connects the crankset to the frame and enhances how effectively you can pedal the bike, Be sure to check that your frame accommodates your brakes efficiently in terms of type and type. 

  • How do I maintain and care for my BMX frame?

    Carry on regular inspections whereby you check your bike visually on a regular basis, keeping an eye out for cracks, dents or any sort of deformities. Clean the frame regularly using a mild detergent mixed in with water and apply the solution using a soft brush or sponge to remove debris and dirt. To prevent rust, make sure you dry the frame thoroughly after cleaning, since moisture can lead to rust. Consider applying light protective coating, for example bike polish or wax to preserve the frame;s appearance. Lubricating moving parts frequently is essential too to keep the setup running smoothly.