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  • Can the outdoor karts be used on different surfaces?

    A common question parents ask us is if their children can ride our range of karts on different surfaces. The answer to this is yes, our karts can be used on a range of surfaces. In an ideal world, your children will be riding their kart on soft and smooth surfaces as this offers optimal traction and stability for a safe and enjoyable ride. Our karts can also be ridden on carpet too, so they can enjoy the indoors too. The great thing about carpets is if your child falls off, they fall onto a soft, comfortable surface rather than concrete outdoors. If you are worried about your child falling off and hurting themselves but they do want to explore the outdoors, we advise that they ride on the grass too. That way they can get their dose of fresh air and nature and if they fall, they’ll fall onto the soft grass. 

  • What surfaces can these karts not be used on?

    In order to ensure your child’s safety, there are a few surfaces that should be avoided when they are using their kart. Pebbles and rough terrain should be avoided, first of all because if your toddler falls off of their kart, they could really injure themselves on the pebbles and rough terrain. The other reason is that rough terrain and pebbles can really wear down the wheels on the carts and cause wear and tear pretty rapidly on the kart. Riding outdoor karts on wet surfaces should be totally avoided too and this is because the wet surface could cause a sudden slip where your child could fall off and hurt themselves. Also be sure to stay away from uneven or sloped surfaces as this sort of terrain can make it hard for your child to control the kart and can lead to collisions, accidents and falls.

  • What other safety measures can I take to ensure my child’s karting experience is a safe one?

    You can make sure that your toddler wears knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet to protect against any accidents or falls that they may face. Ensuring that they ride with the correct technique is also essential. You could teach your child how to brake, steer and accelerate safely, whilst also keeping an eye on them at all times so that you can jump in and help out quickly if you notice any safety concerns. If you want to take it that step further, you can also provide your little one with a safety briefing before they get on the kart so that they are reminded of what safe riding looks like before they get stuck in. Keep a bottle of water on hand so that they can have loads of fun riding without the risk of getting dehydrated. 

  • What should I do to ensure my karts are maintained for the safety of my child?

    Regular maintenance if crucial for safety purposes, but also to ensure that the kart performs properly too. By checking the kart on a regular basis, you can ensure that it rides better for a smoother and enjoyable experience. This also ensures that any problems are fixed before they get worse, preventing your child from colliding into something or someone or falling off and hurting themselves. The key maintenance checks you will want to pay attention to is, ensuring the wheels aren’t damaged or cut and that it rolls safely and effectively. The steering wheel should also turn smoothly, not too easily and not too rigidly. We would advise that you make a note of any superficial damage too.