Stop with Confidence - Skates Toe Stops Direct from SkateHut

Whether you play roller derby, skate for fun, or spend your time practising tricks, your roller skates need to be able to keep up. But what about when you need to stop in a hurry? At Skatehut, we have a range of skate toe stops to help you to brake safely and quickly. Whether you need to make a tactical turn or stop at a crossing, our screw in toe stops are sold in pairs and made of sturdy materials, providing the perfect solution. There’s a variety of popular brands to choose, from Bionic and Gumball, to Roll-Line and Sure-Grip. Plus, our toe stops for skates are available in a range of shades, so you can add a pop of colour. Here at Skatehut, we’ve got a great selection of competitively priced quad skate toe stops, even on big, popular brands. So, whatever your budget, order today to make your skates a little safer.

Roller Skate Toe Stops FAQs

  • What is the purpose of roller skate toe stops?

    Roller skate toe stops play an essential role in allowing roller skaters to control their speed and come to a safe stop. Toe stops are placed at the front of the skate, allowing skaters to come to a controlled stop simply by tilting their feet and applying allowing the toe stop to make contact with the surface. Once you get the hang of making use of your toe stops, you can control your speed quite effectively and easily, and it eliminates the worry for pushing your limits and skating a little faster than you usually would. Knowing that you can safely navigate wherever you gives you that confidence to really go for it, so for beginner roller skaters, it is usually advised that they learn how to brake using their toe stops as early as possible.    

  • Can I replace the toe stops myself and how do I do this?

    Yes, replacing roller skate toe stops is usually quite simple for both beginners and experienced skaters. First of all, you will need new toe stops and a screwdriver on hand. Once you have these, locate the screw that secures the toe stop you are planning to change (you can usually find the screw at the base of the toe stop, connecting it to the skate plate). Use the screwdriver to remove the screw and make sure you hand onto any washers or components that come off as you do this. You will then want to take off the old toe stop, clean the area and then slide the new toe stop, before screwing it in. 

    With regards to material selection, when it comes to aggressive skating, it is even more important to go for toe stops made from more durable materials, such as rubber or polyurethane. This is because these materials will both take on and absorb the impact that aggressive skates will give them and they won’t wear down as quickly. You will want to go for toe stops with dual characteristics, whereby it offers a good compromise for both grip and slide capabilities. If you are a roller skater that loves personalisation, go for toe stops that are adjustable too. 

  • Can I use roller skate toe stops for roller derby?

    Roller skate toe stops are commonly used in roller derby and they tend to be more responsive than your average set of roller skate toe stops. This is simply because, during a game of roller derby, you will be skating pretty fast and changing direction quite rapidly, so you will need efficient toe stops to be able to control your speed safely to allow you to play at your best. Make sure you check that your toe stops comply with the league’s regulations that you are taking part in; some leagues require you to adhere to specific rules with regards to equipment so you will need to know this before you go shopping for toe stops.