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At SkateHut, we have a load of target practice toys available to keep your kids entertained. Our range consists of toy crossbows, rifles and pistols that can be used with our target boards and target toys to give them heaps of joy. 

Target Practice Toys FAQs

  • What is Canoff?

    Canoff is an outdoor game that involves throwing and catching a flying disc, with the aim of knocking off a can from a pole. It is real easy to assemble and set up, offering hours and hours of endless fun for you and the family or friends. It promotes social interaction; working together to knock the opposing team’s can off of their pole. The game allows everyone who is participating to improve their communication and teamworking skills, all of which will help them in their daily lives as well as in the professional world too. 

  • What does SkateHut’s price match policy include?

    At SkateHut, we are committed to ensuring that our customers get the best possible experience, with the best deals on the market. It is for this reason, we offer a price match policy. Our friendly experts check and match prices on thousands of our items on a daily basis to offer you the best price. If you do find a cheaper price elsewhere, all you need to do is call us on 0121 501 1111 and inform our customer service team of where you found this item cheaper so that they can check and match. Learn more about our price match policy today.