Tech Deck - The Original Finger Skateboard

Tech Deck finger skateboards are the toy phenomenom sweeping the UK right now and has grown in popularity, proving it to be one of the must have toys for kids and adults alike! With a range of finger decks and mini skate parks, you can test your skills in your own home, so even when it's damp and freezing outside, you can still shred from the comfort of your room. Grab the Ultra Deluxe 4 pack to get started and hit the tricks on your desk and then when you're ready to up your game, you can grab the concrete set or shred line 360 to build out your very own mini skate park. Tech Deck Finger Skateboards are available from SkateHut right now, with next day delivery available. Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter to get 5% off your next purchase and recieve the latest deals and offers, hot off the press!

Tech Deck Finger Skateboards & Finger Toys FAQs

  • What are finger toys?

    Finger toys are meticulously crafted mini replicas of well-known and official extreme sports equipment, allowing people of all ages to really have a load of finger fun and execute tricks, stunts and manouvers on a tiny scale. All in all, finger toys and specifically finger skateboards encourage creativity so that you can really drop some impressive moves and watch the moves in third person. Also, don’t get it confused, these toys aren’t just measly little toys. They are legit scaled down versions of the actual setups which they are replicated, meaning that the parts on these pieces are high quality and legit too. 

  • Can I use finger toys to improve my skills in real action sports?

    Although finger toys may not replicate the actual rush you get when you are popping those stunts and tricks on your actual setup, they can serve as a valuable tool for helping you improve certain skills and techniques. These toys require a strong level of attention to detail, precision and coordination to drop these moves and make them look good. It is a good way to understand the movements that are required, so that when you get to practicing this on skateboards or BMX bikes, you are more aware of how you will need to tackle this hurdle. It will help you understand the nature of the movements you will need, along with the balance, speed and other stuff you will need to consider. If you are browsing for beginner skateboards, consider a finger skateboard too to help you on your skating journey

  • Are finger toys suitable for all ages?

    Yes, finger toys can be used by people of all ages, from very young children to fully grown adults. As we mentioned above, these aren’t ordinary toys, they are designed to replicate real extreme sports equipment and therefore, your skill and technique of using these finger skateboards can be improved over time. They are also beginner friendly, allowing you an introduction into the sport and lifestyle before you set foot on an actual complete skateboard. Make the most of the finger skateboard and get to grips with how skateboarding works. It also allows for stress relief and relaxation; it can act as a relaxing and joyable activity. 

  • Are there any tips for maintaining and caring for finger toys?

    Yes, the way to maintain your finger toys and finger skateboards is to regularly clean it and remove any dust or debris that might be hindering performance. A gentle brush or even compressed air can be used to get this debris cleared to keep your toy rolling smoothly. Also be sure to store your finger toys in a clean and dry place, in a case or container for example to keep them safe. You will also want to avoid performing tricks in harsh environments as this can lead to wear and tear.