Elevate Your Ride: The Lowdown on Shockpads and Risers for Skateboards

Shockpads and risers are rubber or hard plastic pads that go between the trucks and the deck of your board. Why you ask? Risers typically come in two sizes: 1/8" and 1/4" and as their name suggests they raise your deck allowing more clearance between the deck and your wheels. Although they're not essential to your board, they can resolve some of the common problems that skaters encounter especially when running low trucks or large wheels on your board. This can prevent wheel bite which is when the wheel comes into contact with the deck often resulting in an unwanted stop. They also provide extra ground clearing allowing you to lean more into turns.

Shockpads are traditionally made from rubber and are used to dampen the vibrations and reduce the amount of shock to the deck. If you're prone to skating on rough or irregular ground, shockpads will help smooth out your ride and reduce stress on your board. Essential if you're planning on shredding hard or attempting stair sets. Protect your board with quality shockpads from leading brands like Independent, Sushi, and Enuff. They are available in a variety of striking colours to compliment your board style, while also improving the comfort of your ride.