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Looking for a midway point between the Mountain Bike and the BMX? A Jump Bike is perfect for you. Whether you’re into riding through the cities or going dirt jumping, a Jump Bike has got you covered for both activities. Jump Bikes utilise the smaller frames, similar to that of a BMX Bike alongside the sturdiness and durability of Mountain Bikes. That is what makes it perfect for those looking for a Bike for dirt jumps, or for just cruising round the cities.

The Jump Bike typically has a suspension fork similar to Mountain Bikes, which are normally stronger and thicker than other types. The wheels tend to be a little smaller, usually 24” to 26”, which aids in making them agile and light. The disc brakes are lighter too as speed is a paramount feature and they are more often without gears.

Incredibly robust, a Dirt Jump Bike is perfect for jump tricks with its lighter frame and easy manoeuvrability in the air. Make sure you check out the range below and pick up your Jump Bike today. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with our awesome team here at SkateHut and they can help give you the best advice on what type of Bike is best for you, whether its a an Electric Bike, Hybrid Bike or Fixie Bike.

  • How do Jump Bikes Work?

    Functioning as a midway between a Mountain Bike and a BMX Bike, Jump Bikes work slightly differently to both. The Jump Bike MTB frame definitely resembles a Mountain Bike with its longer frame and larger tread 26” wheel, but the overall construction of Jumping Dirt Bikes takes after that of a BMX.

    The rear-only brake and lack of gears partnered with the advanced suspension options mean the Jumper Bikes are able to cope with larger impact than the complex makeup of the traditional Mountain Bike is able to. Jumping Bikes low slung frames and single-speed drivetrains lend themselves well to the need for rapid acceleration on the repetitive natured pump track.

  • How to Jump on a Mountain Bike?

    The movement of the Jump Bike bars during the jump will be pushing back towards you. This means you perform a row motion with the bars through the jump. Coming into the jump you’ll keep your body low and arms outstretched to the bars. Through the jump, you will extend your body and pull your arms inwards as the bars come towards you. This rowing motion helps your body move through the jump with the Bike and will minimise injury.

    Ensuring correct form is imperative to a safe jump. We do advise that you resist pulling upwards. It’s more about pumping your body weight into the bike accelerating up the ramp which will lead to more air. Pulling upwards into the jump often results in a lower jump and can throw balance backwards which can cause poor form or injury.

  • Do Jump Bikes have Gears?

    Due to the high impact nature of Dirt Jump use, Jump Bikes generally do not have gears. Once up to speed, the Jump Bike riders don’t need to pedal often which means they can save extra weight and structural complexity by forgoing a gear set up.

    The speed is gained through the acceleration into the transition from ramp to air. With correct form and strong pedal and pump action, you should be on track for a perfect jump. If you find you take off and your balance isn’t correct, riders often turn their bars mid jump to loosen and correct position to land to avoid harm or falls.