Bikes for Kids

Shop our amazing selection of Kids Bikes today to start your little ones off on the right foot. With suitable for ages 2 and up, whether you’re beginning the journey on two wheels or taking the next step up, we’re here to help. Our popular range of Balance Bikes for 2 year olds and are a great way for toddlers to take their first steps into the world of cycling.

We also have a wide selection of Junior Bikes in a variety of styles for your older kids too. Our collection features , and in a range of styles and sizes. From to Junior , you will find just the right model to meet your needs. Looking for something more adventurous? Here at SkateHut we also stock a competitive range of Kids BMX Bikes for those little thrill seekers. When looking for BMX Bikes for Kids, we recommend looking at the top tube length as the most important measurement. You don’t want your child to be overstretched or hunched up to the bars as this is unsafe as well as uncomfortable.

When sizing hybrid, junior and Mountain Bikes you’ll need to pay attention to the Bike Wheel size as well as the Bike Frame size. Unsure of what type of Bike or which size is best for your little one? Our friendly and helpful customer service team are available to advise with any questions or queries you may have. This includes all products within our Bike range, including all our Mountain Bikes for Sale, , , and all of our . Enjoy Free Delivery on all Kids bikes when you shop at SkateHut today.


Kids Bikes FAQs

  • How to measure Bike Size for Kids?

    When measuring for Kids Bikes, there are two different types of Bike measurement you might use. BMX sizing and regular bike sizing are slightly different. When looking to purchase the best fit for a kids mountain bike, you’ll need to bear in mind both the wheel and frame size of the bike. When looking for a kids BMX Bike, we recommend looking at the frames top tube length measurement is top priority. You don’t want your child to be overstretched or hunched up to the bars, as this will be unsafe, as well as uncomfortable.

    We recommend comparing your child's height to the relevant measurements on the Bike Sizing Guidance in the item description or size guide included in our images. Where possible, it’s recommended to size frames in store. This is by far the best way to get a feel for a bike and ensure maximum size longevity.

  • When do Kids learn how to ride a Bike?

    Most children learn to ride a bike between the ages of three and eight. Of course, there is no ‘right age’ to learn, and every child will of course learn at their own pace. Compared to the stone age of cycling, we now have more contemporary means of learning. As opposed to the old stabilisers and hold-the-saddle methods, the newest, most efficient way to develop your little ones balance on two wheels are Balance Bikes.

    These can be used from ages 1 to 3 and are a great way to adapt and improve your child's balance before they’re old enough to ride their first pedal bike. Balance bikes aid the development of crucial motor skills from a young age, as well as balance and coordination skills. From here it’s a much smoother transition into pedals. Most find they skip the stabilisers all together after consistent use of a balance bike.

  • Where Can I Buy Kids Bikes?

    The best place to shop for Kids Bikes would be either an independent bike specialist or trusted distributor of everything outdoors such as SkateHut. Relevant sizing information can be found on the product listing itself, and our helpful customer service team is on hand to assist with any questions or queries you may have.

    This being said, we always recommend in-store purchase where possible. There is no better way to get a feel of a bike for comfort and safety than getting the feel for it in-store. When sizing Bikes, a good tip is that when you’re sitting comfortably on the saddle, only your tip toes should be able to touch the ground. Leaning forward to the bars should be comfortable, any excessive stretching could lead to discomfort or injury.