District Freestyle Scooter Co. built its reputation as a pioneer of modern freestylescooter products, setting the standard for freestyle scooter design and performance. Many of the greatest riders are, or have been, involved with District product development and testing. No professional rider or shop owner throughout the world exists who is not aware of the District movement. Nevertheless, the real accomplishment is District’s product innovations that redefined the high performance freestyle scooter industry, separating the hardcore equipment from the fold-up toys of the past. As a global team, District has one mission: to forever improve the art and sport of freestyle scooter riding.


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District Scooters is a brand that is renowned for freestyle scooter riding, providing stunt scooter enthusiasts around the world with high-tech scooters, scooter parts and accessories. It was a brand that was founded over 15 years ago by a group of hardcore riders that want to change the world of scooter riding for the better, so they have come together to offer some of the best scooter products on the planet. One of the key features is its focus on pushing the boundaries for greatness and in doing so, they have collabed with professional scooter riders and engineers to launch the hottest kit.

District Scooters FAQs

  • How safe are District’s stunt scooter parts?

    District’s stunt scooter parts are extremely safe; they have been comprised of high quality materials that have been produced specifically for strength, durability and the ability to withstand the rough and tumble that comes along with freestyle scooter riding. District has engineered and designed our to operate safely in the harshest conditions, whether it be weather, terrain or even depending on how hard you shred at the skate park or on the street. They have been manufactured to get the job done with high efficiency, but more importantly than anything else, they have been produced to keep you riding safely. When you purchase from District, you’re buying both greatness and reliability. 

  • Are District’s scooter parts compatible with other scooter parts from other brands?

    Compatibility for the most part can vary depending on the brand and scooter parts in question. District Scooters, however, has gone out of its way to ensure that most of its scooter parts are compatible with most other scooter components out there. District doesn’t just work to ensure that its parts are compatible though, it aims to ensure that these items excel when it comes to working with other parts and standing out in both aesthetics and efficiency. It also helps that many scooter parts, such as scooter wheels, scooter bearings and scooter grips, adhere to industry standard sizing conventions to ensure that compatibility is as easy and seamless as possible.