Dickies Clothing, practical, stylish and most importantly, the preferred clothing choice for skaters and workers worldwide. From a homegrown Texas jack-of-all-trades Williamson Dickie to the now timeless internationally renowned high quality, hard-wearing Dickies aesthetic. Customers can always expect premium quality from Dickies UK and they always deliver. So rest assure you will receive only the best, hard wearing quality when shopping the latest Dickies range here at SkateHut.

As the working day takes its toll, Dickies clothing will continue to provide excellent comfort and protection. Shop Dickies t shirts, trousers, jackets, shorts, Dickies backpacks and even Dickies Beanies from SkateHut. With over 90 years’ experience in Dickies Workwear manufacturing, generations of workers have found Dickies to be the brand that they can trust. Utilising the best of both modern manufacturing with Dickies Hoodies and Dickies jackets, and traditional construction techniques with classics like Dickies Fleeces and the classic Dickies 873. Dickies Clothing collection is made to last. The Dickies resurgence began mainly with worker worldwide, solidifying their name in hardwearing, well-made clothing. It wasn’t long before Skaters globally started to see and feel the incredible quality always assured when choosing Dickies coats, shirts, trousers and overalls.

Their designated lifestyle and skate collections prioritise comfort and functionality with an added style and fashion element from the iconic brand that you know you can trust. Use the size, colour and product filters to browse our latest Dickies range today. If you require any advice on sizing or pricing, do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful customer service team here at Skatehut.

  • How do Dickies T-Shirts Fit?

    Dickies T-shirts fit true to size. This means that if you prefer a more baggy fit, we advise sizing up at least once. Women’s Dickies shirts can have a more fitted shape but are still considered true to size. Like most fresh workwear and heavy duty clothing, the garments can take some light breaking in for comfort.

    This means your Dickies t shirts may have a boxy feel to begin with, but with wear this will loosen out. When cleaning your Dickies we do recommend avoiding using the radiator or tumble drier as this can shrink the boxy style back into shape.

  • Are Dickies Backpacks Good?

    Dickies backpacks are good for all use. Built to last from tough and durable fabric blends, Dickies workwear is made to outlast everything else in your wardrobe. Dickies backpacks come in many different sizes and styles but they all have the signature toughness that comes when you invest in Dickies pants and Dickies shoes alike.

    Although a little stiff to begin with, your Dickies backpack will loosen up and will become your most trusted clothing accessory. Made of durable, water-resistant polyester, the Dickies laptop backpack is a contemporary addition to the collection offering the patented Dickies style while stepping up to practical everyday use. Comfortable and convenient Dickies backpacks feature interior pockets to keep your supplies secure as well as large storage sections.

  • Where are Dickies Clothes made?

    Long gone are the days of Dickies homegrown USA manufacturing in the heart of Texas. Although some items are still made on US soil, these days the majority of Dickies clothing is produced in Mexico, Asia and the Middle East.

    With Dickies rise in popularity and the rapid expansion of the brand and it’s offshoots, Dickies Store made the choice to outsource. This means Dickies pants, Dickies hoodies, Dickies overalls and much more of Dickies workwear is available to workers and skaters all around the World.