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Any one worth their salt in the Quad Roller Skate world knows the name Moxi Skates. Moxi is the Quad Roller Skate brand from the LA Roller Derby player Michelle Steilen. Moxi Roller Skates create premium, colourful, comfortable Adult Quad Skates. The reputation of the Moxi Lolly is not without good reason. The handmade Skate Boots are the leader in extreme and specific Roller Skates from park and street Skating to the world of rhythm and dance Skating. Get the colour that best matches your Skates style here.

Find great deals on Moxi Roller Skates used in store with our ex-display offers. With our ever-updating Special Offers and promotions it’s never been easier to grab some Moxi Roller Skates and start your journey in style or upgrade your Skate set up today. With a selection of Moxi Boots and Roller Skate Accessories, effortlessly update your Skates to step up your Skate game. Only the very best in Roller Skating, shop Moxi Roller Skates alongside other stellar Roller Skating brands like Impala Skates, Chaya Roller Skates, Roller Derby Skates and many more. With lots of colours to choose from, use the side filters to help narrow down your search.

Shop the finest Moxi Quad Skates at the best prices today from SkateHut. We know that Moxi sizing can be a pain so our friendly customer service team are on hand to assist with any questions or queries you might have before you make your Moxi purchase. Moxi themselves recommend measuring your foot using their specific Moxi sizing guide to make your choice but we’ve done our very best to assign the accurate UK size accordingly for customer convenience. Enjoy free delivery available at unbeatable prices.

Moxi Skates FAQs

  • Are Moxi Skates Good?

    Moxi Skates are some of the best Skates on the market available today. With all different styles to suit all types of Skating. From beginner to professional Skaters, Moxi has everything you need to get started with high quality recreational Skates at an affordable price.

    The Moxi Rainbow Riders offer a superior starter experience, up to the Moxi Jack which is a fully customisable pro Skate Boot used by recreational, park and street Skaters.

  • Are Moxi Skates True to Size?

    Moxi Skates are often quite a narrow fit. The Moxi Sizing chart recommends when measuring your foot and following the boot specific chart, the Skate Boot should be a snug, true to size fit. Classic Moxi Skates like the Lolly and the Jack boots are made of Genuine Bovine Cowhide, hand softened and crafted for ultimate comfort.

    For the more environmentally conscious, The Vegan Jack boot was introduced, alongside the Moxi Beach Bunny which are 100% animal friendly. These are vinyl, synthetic polyurethane microfibre and custom Moxi Dri-Lex lining material.

  • Are Moxi Skates Good for Beginners?

    Moxi Skates are a great start for beginners. The Moxi Rainbow Rider is a perfect beginner boot. Designed as an entry level recreational Skate, the Moxi Rainbow Quad Skates incorporate the high quality Moxi soft, padded lining with a rainbow themed vinyl upper to create a super comfortable starter Skate at an affordable price.

    The reinforced soft boot and soft 78a wheels, the Moxi Rainbow Rider is a perfect outdoor boot. The softer wheel allows for a smoother ride on uneven ground, but this also means you can keep a lower speed skating indoors.