Rawk Longboards offers the very best in affordable, beginner Longboards. The signature Rawk red styling and design of the Longboard Deck will surely help you stand out. With varied deck shapes, you may find you prefer a particular style to help you find the ideal footing, making it easier to ride and slide. The Rawk drop-through is the perfect Longboard for both the ambitious beginner, as well as more advanced level riders.

Experience the mellow Longboarding ride from this versatile setup, giving you ride and build quality you would expect from a premium named brand, but with a more pocket friendly price point. Different types of Longboards are better suited for different purposes. The Drop through Cruiser Longboard is considered the most user friendly and better for cruising at a casual speed. Drop-through Longboard Decks are most favoured by dance Skaters with their strong structure and forgiving nature. For those with a taste for a little more adrenaline, the pintail deck is designed to be streamlined and slick for maximum speeds to be reached.

Perfect for bombing those hills or cruising the streets with ease. Rawk offers quality deals on Complete Longboards and Cheap Longboards ready for an easy commute or kickstarting a new hobby. In a time of increasing eco-consciousness, Longboarding has risen to popularity as a mode of transportation, even offering a range of Electric Longboards. Unsure of what would be the best choice? Our friendly customer service team are available to help with any questions or queries you may have. Make your purchase confidently with SkateHut today and enjoy free delivery on all orders over £50.