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Madd Gear Pro, also known as MGP, are renowned for being at the very best in providing Stunt Scooters, whether the riders are professional or just doing it for fun. They’re dedicated to creating Cheap Stunt Scooters that are both high-quality and designed to offer riders exactly what they want and need. Perfect for both adults and kids, MGP Scooters can be custom-made to meet your exact specifications and sizes.

Shop the full range of Madd Gear Pro Scooters including the MGP VX range with unmissable offers on the MGP VX6, MGP VX7, MGP VX8 and MGP VX9. With Scooter Decks, bars, forks, wheels, brakes and clamps all available to buy separately. You can choose your favourite colours and finishes to make sure your Scooter stands out from the crowd. The MGP Origin series is a bestselling range with new deals and offers weekly. Madd Gear Pro Skateboards are the latest in introductory Skateboarding. With the coolest graphics and deck designs the MGP Skateboard reviews show that Madd Gear Pro are a leader when it comes to Beginner Skateboards.

The MGP SkateHut range we offer is ever expanding and we recommend keeping an eye out for our MGP promo codes to bag a deal on Madd Gear Pro Skateboards and MGP Pro Scooters at unbeatable prices. Take a look at our collection of ready-to-ride MGP Stunt Scooters and boards for sale or browse all the Scooter Parts you need to build your own from scratch. When you buy MGP Scooters with Skatehut, you have all the right kit to become a pro shredder in no time.


  • Are MGP Scooters Good?

    MGP, Madd Gear Pro Scooters are generally considered to be good quality Scooters that are designed for freestyle and Stunt Scooter riding. They are popular among both amateur and professional riders due to their durability and performance.

    MGP Scooters are known for their high-quality materials and construction, including aircraft-grade aluminium Scooter Decks and bars, CNC machined forks, and smooth bearings. They also feature innovative designs and graphics that appeal to riders of all ages.

    While MGP Scooters can be more expensive than some other brands, they are generally considered to be a good investment for riders who want a high-quality Scooter that can withstand the rigors of freestyle and stunt riding. However, as with any product, individual experiences and preferences may vary, so it's always a good idea to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase.

  • What Does MGP Stand For?

    MGP stands for Madd Gear Pro. It is a brand of Scooters, Scooter Parts, and accessories that was founded in 2002 in Melbourne, Australia. Madd Gear Pro initially started as a small operation, but it quickly grew to become one of the leading brands in the freestyle Scooter industry.

    Today, MGP is known for its high-quality, durable Scooters that are designed for freestyle and MGP Stunt Scooter riding, and it is popular among both amateur and professional riders around the world.

  • How Much is a MGP Scooter?

    The price of an MGP Scooter can vary depending on the model and where it is being sold. Generally, entry-level MGP scooters can cost anywhere from £100 to £200, while high-end models can cost upwards of £300 or more.

    It's worth noting that MGP also offers a range of Scooter Parts and accessories that can be used to customise and upgrade their Scooters, and the cost of these can vary as well.