Add some shine to your setup with a pair of Krux skateboard trucks. Trucks are metal T-shaped pieces that mount to the underside of your skateboard to keep your wheels and bearings attached securely to the deck. However, Krux skateboard trucks aren't just your average trucks. Made from eye-catching chrome and featuring colourful designs, your Krux trucks will stand head and shoulders above the rest. They're light, durable and completely versatile, performing perfectly on all terrains, including parks, streets and ditches. Krux trucks even feel broken-in from the very first use thanks to their incredible responsive control. Suitable for beginners and pros alike and featuring an amazing price tag, check out the collection of Krux skateboard trucks for sale today. Here at SkateHut, we have everything you need to help you to add a stylish and quality pair of Krux trucks to your dream setup.

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