Whether you're BMX-ing, skateboarding, rollerblading or urban cycling, safety is vital. Sounds boring, you say? Well, get ready to be proven wrong when you discover Hardnutz helmets. This brand has made protective equipment cool with their unique collection of safety wear that is stylish and does its job perfectly! Hardnutz helmets have been designed with tough ABS outer shells and EPS inner liners that absorb impact. They provide maximum protection for thrill seekers, with a simple-to-adjust chin strap and in-built air vents to give you optimum comfort. Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 51cm to 61cm, these helmets cater for the junior skater all the way to the seasoned pro. Explore our full collection of Hardnutz helmets for sale here at Skatehut to add some personality to your safety gear. Their striking designs are far from boring, with auto chrome and carbon fibre finishes, skullduggery graphics and colourful 'ink in water' effects.

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