Get the adventure started for a budding rider with our award-winning Kiddimoto balance bikes and scooters. They are renowned for their innovative designs and quality construction that help your kids develop the confidence they need to ride independently. As the UK’s original balance bike company, Kiddimoto bikes are designed to teach children skills to help them progress easily to pedal bikes. Their unique design doesn’t feature stabilisers or pedals like a traditional bike, instead helping them focus on their balance and control. Here at Skatehut, we have a range of Kiddimoto bikes and scooters for sale, teaching little riders the essential skills without compromising on the sense of fun. It’s not just balance bikes and scooters available to buy, you can kit them out with Kiddimoto bags, backpacks, helmets and horns too. With creative products that are built to be durable, you can trust that they'll withstand the inevitable bumps and knocks in the learning stages.

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