Shop Flow Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters today at SkateHut. Flow began its journey in London, with the aim to create a greener and more sustainable future for all. They use nothing but high quality materials and have tested all models thoroughly. Flow ensure you will be riding comfortably and safely in style. With a selection of both Flow Electric Bikes and Scooters, we’ll have your newest Commuter Scooter companion ready to zoom into your new and healthier lifestyle.

Switch up your Flow today! Flow Electric Scooters became popular amongst commuters with their convenient Folding Scooter design. This design allows for more efficient transport around inner cities and the suburbs. Flow is a British brand devoted to bringing you the finest Electric Scooters. The Flow Camden Electric Scooter is especially popular with its minimalistic and versatile aesthetic. Models like the Flow Uptown and the Flow Koenji offer a lighter solution for conveniently slipping onto public transport, whilst allowing power to get up those steep hills. Get more from your mode of transportation with the designated Flow Scooter App which offers safe set up tips and direct support, as well as an extended ride dashboard and stats.

Ride smarter with Flow today. The brand new range of E-Bikes from Flow are better suited to those with a longer distance to cover on a daily basis. Long distance travel and looking after the environment has never been so easier with the electric-boosted range of Bikes. Flow helps to promote a healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle. Unsure what model would be best for your needs? Our friendly customer service team are on hand to help you with any questions or queries you may have. Enjoy shopping today with Free Delivery on all Flow products.