A brand that’s known for sponsoring some talented pro skaters, including Tiago Lemos and Carlos Ribeiro, Crupie specialise in making excellent skateboard wheels. Using strong, high-quality urethane and innovative technology, Crupie skateboard wheels are formulated to be hardwearing and affordable, with packs of four for sale at amazingly low prices. Whether you want to get into the skating scene and are looking for your first set of cheap skateboard wheels, or an experienced skater looking to take your board to the next level, Crupie wheels are amazingly versatile, making them suitable for skaters of all abilities. Their designs are also fun and eye catching, adding to the look of your skateboard. Plus, with our range of Crupie clothing, you can look stylish on and off your board, too. Want to know more about Crupie skateboard wheels? Get in touch with our friendly team on chat, via email, or give us a call.

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