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Jump into the awesome world of neochrome stunt scooters and truly take your passion and enjoyment for stunt scooter riding to the next level. Neochrome isn’t just a scooter style, it is a fashion statement showcasing the world what you are all about and what entails for the life of a stunt scooter rider. It oozes your passion for extreme sports as whole and can even inspire others to take up the amazing hobby of scooter riding. 

At SkateHut, our neochrome stunt scooter range offers a diverse range of products and styles to suit all preferences for all riders. These complete scooters aren’t just shiny and look great, however. They are also built for absolute, high-end performance, helping riders of all skill levels master their dream tricks whilst pushing themselves to the next level.

  • What is Neochrome, and why is it popular for stunt scooters?

    If you are a stunt scooter enthusiast, you will be aware of the stunt scooter neochrome design. It is a breathtaking finish that adds a unique multicoloured sheen to the scooter which gives it that sort of oil slick look; the type you’d see if sun was shining on a lake with an oil leak. The colours really are eye-catching and capture the attention of those in the surrounding area. It leaves an impressive mix of colours which sort of change and shimmer in different lights, so it will always have a fresh look no matter where you are, the time of the day or whatever the lighting.

  • How is the neochrome finish achieved for stunt scooters?

    This fascinating aesthetic is achieved through a process called anodisation. During anodisation, the deck is first cleaned and degreased to ensure that there are no impurities or contaminants that will interfere with the process. The aluminium components are then submerged into an acid bath, whereby the surface of the deck is etched to create a microscopically porous layer. It is this porous layer that is absolutely essential in allowing the full anodised finish to stick firmly to the deck’s surface. Next, the deck undergoes the anodisation process, where an electric current is passed through the acid bath containing the aluminium components, and these particular aluminium components act as an anode. This is where the name anodisation comes from! Oxygen ions from the acid combines with the aluminium atoms on the surface, and this chemical reaction forms a layer of aluminium oxide on the deck. 

    The aluminium oxide on its own has no colour, so to achieve the neochrome look that you see on the actual finish, the components are submerged into a bath of coloured dye. The final step is to have the scooter components to undergo a sealing process whereby the microscopic pores are closed within the anodised layer to totally capture and lock in the neochrome colour to keep it lasting a long time, despite being scratched or grazed when riding.

  • Are there neochrome scooter models for kids and children?

    Yes, we have plenty of neochrome stunt scooters and complete scooters for kids and children of all ages. These scooters tend to be a smaller scale of the larger models that adults would ride, so the handlebars will be lower, the decks will be smaller and the scooter may even feature safety mechanisms to ensure your little ones are safe as they ride.

    Neochrome scooters for kids specifically are manufactured with lightweight metals to make them easier for children to ride, handle and manoeuvre. These lightweight scooters don’t just boost performance but it also ensures that young riders don’t exhaust themselves as they would if riding heavier scooters.

  • Are neochrome scooters suitable for both park and street riding?

    Neochrome scooters are well-known for their versatility, which makes them ideal for street and park scooter riding. One of the main standout features of neochrome scooters is that they are both lightweight and extremely durable. This happy medium of two crucial features of scooter riding means that riders can effortlessly ride their scooters with the upmost efficiency regardless of the environment.