In order to be the best roller derby player, you need the right equipment. This means investing in skates that are functional and supportive, to prevent injury, but you also want skates and parts that are durable and agile, too. That’s why we stock Chaya. Founded by the popular Powerslide, Chaya are fast becoming a leading roller derby brand. From boots to plates, browse our Chaya collection online. Treat yourself to Chaya roller derby boots with protective toe sections, reinforced exterior, durable fabrics, lightweight design and unique dual mounting system, making it easier than ever to change up your skates. Pair with our Chaya quad skate plates which are made from a lightweight yet robust aluminium and come with a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Make sure to also add replacement toe stops to your cart – they always come in handy. Ready to order? Spend over £100 on Chaya skate plates and boots for free next day delivery (Monday to Friday).

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