Shop all things Strider Balance Bikes here at SkateHut for the very Best Balance Bikes on the market. Strider Bikes are considered pioneers of the Balance Bike industry. Tired of clunky, inefficient ride-ons and cycling assistants, Strider founder Ryan MacFarland changed the course of cycle proficiency history the day he stripped his son’s 12” Bike frame and created the first Balance Bike as we know it today.

The Cycling and Motorbike fanatic father who wanted to share his passion for the outdoor sports with his son, unknowingly changed how we learn to ride a Bike forever. As opposed to the traditional methods of learning with stabilisers and the hold-the-saddle method, the current most effective way to develop your kids' balance on two wheels are Balance Bikes. Strider 12 Sport Balance Bikes are great for very little learners to take their first steps into cycling. With advancements in technology and the ongoing success of Strider’s no pedal designs, the introduction of the Strider 14X solidified itself as an innovator of bicycle construction.

The Strider Bike with Pedals allows the user to adapt the Bike as their skill improves. With the additional Easy-Ride Pedal Kit, the transition from balance to pedal mode becomes seamless. As a family founded company with the intention of aiding the process of learning to ride a Bike, Strider have been trailblazers since their grassroots beginnings. Now, Strider is an iconic household name that has earned its place from the authentic passion project from a loving father to his son, to the leading progressor of its niche within the industry.



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Strider is known for being a top-brand in the world of balance bikes, helping children all over to learn how to ride bicycles. Strider's balance bikes have been designed to prioritise balance skills before introducing pedalling to toddlers. By getting used to balance in the early stages of bike riding, they are setting themselves up for being a proficient rider, which could end up with them pursuing a career in BMX or mountain bike riding as they grow up! By starting off with a balance bike, children can focus solely on improving their balance, which is a crucial part of bike riding. Once they have got to grips with balance and steering, they will be able to take on a pedal powered bike with much more ease. It also means that they will become more confident as they get better at balancing and steering, they will be able to take on a pedal powered bike with much more ease. It also means that they will become more confident as they get better at balancing and steering, with a can-do attitude towards the idea of cycling as a whole. 

Strider Bike FAQs

  • Are there different size Strider Bikes?

    Strider Bikes come in different sizes to suit the user. With their innovative Strider Rocker bike design, the Strider 12 Sport and the Strider 14X, the brand has curated a collection perfect for assisting cycling proficiency through the ages, from babies to preschoolers. The best model for your child will depend on their age, size and skill level.

    If you’re looking for your baby's very first venture into the world of push bikes, the Strider Rocker Bike is a stationary rocker bike designed to desensitise your child to the motion and feel of riding a bike. Moving upwards to Balance Bikes for 2 Year Olds, the Strider 12 and the Strider 12 Sport models are non-pedal bikes which can be walked or coasted by the child as they grow more comfortable and confident in their balance and motor skills. The largest model of Strider Bikes is the Strider 14X. This 14 inch frame can be fitted with pedals for your child to transition seamlessly into the world of riding a bike.

  • Can you Add Pedals to Strider Bikes?

    You can add pedals to Strider Bikes to help your little ones seamlessly transition into the world of cycling. The largest of the three Strider Balance Bike family is the Strider 14X model. The Strider 14X gained notoriety as the first transitional model Balance Bike. With the Strider Easy-Ride Pedal Kit, your Toddler Balance Bike is smoothly converted to a standard pedal bike.

    This means there’s no need to purchase a push bike of the same frame size as your balance bike once your children are competent. This two in one system is designed to save time, money, space and hassle. The Strider 14X is the only Strider Balance Bike that can be converted in this way. The Strider Rocker and the Strider 12 Sport models are single purpose balance bikes ready for your little ones to work their way up to the Strider 14X.

  • Are Strider Bikes Good for Beginners?

    Strider Balance Bikes are absolutely worth it compared to its competitors. Strider are considered pioneers of progression within the world of Cycling Proficiency since the invention of the original Strider Balance Bike. A less clunky alternative to other ride-ons, stabilisers and other methods of learning, little ones are able to build their confidence on two wheels naturally.

    In the long run, Balance Bikes are proven to be the most effective way to prepare and practise your child’s balance on 2 wheels. With their varied models and designs, it’s never been easier to start your little ones off on the road to pedals. The newest edition to the Strider Bikes family is the 14X Model. Functioning as a 2-in-1, the Easy-Ride Pedal Kit attaches to the Strider 14X to function as both a Balance Bike and a Pedal Bike.