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Shop all your Rio Roller Skates needs with our amazing selection here at SkateHut. Spanning from Skates to Skate Protection and accessories, grab everything you need today at a steal with SkateHut. The iconic Rio Roller was established in 1990 and remains the original fashion Quad Skates brand since. Rio is a pioneer of ethical and cruelty free consumption within the Roller Skates scene, using as many synthetic alternatives & non animal based products as possible.

Designed in the UK and distributed globally, Rio Roller Skates has since grown into the brand we know, love and trust today. We've got a superb range of Rio Roller products, including a comprehensive collection of the quintessential Rio Roller Quads Skates in all designs to suit all users and Skating types. Shop the instantly recognisable Rio Roller Helmet and Rio Roller Pad Sets made specifically to stand out, whether you’re at the park or down at the rink. With our fab collection of coloured laces, Rio Roller Quad Skates, wheels, Knee Pads and Helmets all at great prices, it’s never been easier to enter your quad skates era or upgrade your look.

Unsure of where to start or what you’re looking for? Our super helpful Customer Service Team is on hand to assist with any questions or queries you may have. Rio Roller’s innovative designs and progressive approach to new materials and keeping up to date with the latest technologies allow improvements on your Skate journey and the environment.

Rio Roller Skates FAQs

  • How can my child use their Rio Roller skates safely?

    Firstly, ensure that your child is using sufficient protection and are protected all over. Ensure they are wearing a well-fitted helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. This way, if they take a fall or collide into something or someone, they are protected against any serious injuries or concussions. At SkateHut, we offer helmets, elbow and knee pads in a range of sizes to cater for children and adults of all ages and sizes. If you need more information on choosing the most suitable size helmet or pads, have a read of our Helmet Buying Guide and Padset Buying Guide. You may also want to either teach them how to skate or take them to a roller skates class for children and beginners. 

  • What sort of tricks and moves can I learn if I’m a beginner roller skater?

    First of all you will want to get used to forward skating where you will simply roll forward with your roller skates smoothly whilst maintaining balance and keeping knees slightly bent. The next thing you will want to do is master is stopping using the T-stop technique. To execute the T-stop technique, drag one foot behind the other in a T-shape to slow down and come to a stop. Have a go at making gentle turns to by leaning to either your right or left and then shifting your body weight in the same direction. Start off with wider, longer and smoother turns and as you get more experienced, have a go at executing sharper and shorter turns. 

  • I have more questions, can I speak to your experts?

    If you have more questions, you can reach out to our friendly customer service experts that will be happy to help you with whatever it is you need to know. If you are unsure about which item to buy, our friendly staff will discuss your requirements and provide you with a bunch of alternatives, or if you have a specific question about a product, they can help you with that too. You can speak to our experts on the phone by calling 0121 501 1111 or email us on Alternatively, you can speak to us on live chat too, so whichever contact method suits you, give us a shout and we look forward to speaking with you.