Penny Skateboards Online with SkateHut

Shop everything Penny Skateboards UK today at SkateHut. The Iconic Penny Skateboard has been a generic Skate Scene staple for decades. It wasn’t until founder Ben MacKay that the Skate Brand Penny Australia emerged and began domination of the world of plastic skateboards. With his sister as the brands namesake, Penny Skate soon became a household name and now thousands of Skaters internationally define their signature Skate with Penny Skateboards.

Ever innovative designs now include biodegradable and recyclable materials in Penny Board formula. With every shape, colour and style you could imagine Penny boards skate style has revolutionised Skate aesthetics organically. Utilising patented high quality materials and user friendly designs, Pennyboard believes that there is no divide within skateboarding as a form of expression. Here at SkateHut we stock the full range of Penny products to give you the very best Penny board UK shopping experience.

Our Penny Board sale means skating in style has never been more accessible. With Free Delivery over £100 it’s never been easier to start your skate journey or upgrade your set-up today. Unsure of your Penny board choice? Our friendly team of expert advisors are on hand to help. Contact our customer service team by phone, email or live chat for 5-star service to help get you rolling.