Here at SkateHut, we have one of the biggest collections of JD Bug scooters and accessories online. Find stunt scooters, pro scooters, folding scooters, commuting scooters, kids scooters, adult scooters – we have them all! The JD Bug brand is a specialist scooter brand designed especially for young children who are active, stunt scooter pros and adult commuters. For the best kids scooters, make sure you check out our age filters. Check our JD Bug electric scooters too! Use them along-side public transport as they’re super easy to fold down for storage. The JD Bug scooters and JD Bug Pro Extreme scooters are in our price match promise so you won’t find better prices anywhere else. Shop now for a full range of JD Bug scooters, wheels, balance boards and more. Need help choosing? Contact our friendly Support Team for advice.

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