When you buy from a brand like Fracture, you know you’re in good hands. Created and nurtured by fellow skaters who share a love of the sport, Fracture skateboards are bold and confident, with distinctive colours and comic book-like designs that help you stand out from the crowd. Either buy complete fracture skateboards or custom make your own board to suit your needs Fracture decks have a bigger nose to help with your nollies and switch tricks and are perfect when paired with Fracture wheels. Discover their cute brolly design, or the classic Uni Pro 100a wheels available in various sizes. As well as our large range of Fracture skateboards for sale here at Skatehut, we also sell Fracture trucks and bolts for your new set-up, complete with the iconic logo. If you're a beginner or intermediate skater, these boards are a great way to express your personality, whilst also being a quality choice with an affordable price tag.

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