Inject some personality to your scooter set up by adding some Infinity accessories. We love all the unique influences that Infinity scooter wheels and scooter clamps channel, combining beautiful and colourful graphics to their classic tried-and-tested styling. We have a number of Infinity scooter wheels for sale here at Skatehut that are the perfect mixture of style and substance. Get the best of both worlds with semi hollow core technology and extra thick PU for effective shock absorption, topped off with stunning laser-etched core designs. With Mayan, yin/yang and Polynesian-inspired designs available, you'll be miles ahead of your competitors, both in your performance and your aesthetics. Take a look at the full collection online, which also includes Infinity clamps and Infinity headsets that match seamlessly with the scooter wheels. Best of all, the affordable prices mean you can custom-make your entire Infinity scooter to suit your needs, so you can perform at your best every single time!

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